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6 SEPTEMBER 2022 WorldWide Drilling Resource® See you on the trail . . . NEXT TO ~ Third Annual WorldWide DownHome DrillFest™. With Pen - Computer in hand . . . Veronica I. “Ronnie” Jones, 850-547-0102 Proudly Made in the United States of America - delivered WorldWide! WorldWide Drilling Resource WorldWide Drilling Resource® The complete magazine for the drilling industry worldwide, owned by drilling industry associates dedicated to bringing the most up-to-date technology and information to subscribers. Covering construction-geotechnical, directional, environmental, explorationblasthole, shallow gas & oil, geothermal, mining, water well, irrigation, wastewater; from bits, to pumps, to rigs, to tanks, through wire, and more - whatever it takes to get the drilling job completed! 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We Recycle Standing with our Drilling Industry . . . Yesterday ~ Today ~ Tomorrow HISTORY is always IN THE MAKING. Nearly twenty (20) years of continually working to bring you the BEST RESOURCE in the drilling industry began in August 2003; Incorporation September 3, 2003; First Issue January 2004, presented at the NGWA Event in Vegas December 2003. We were off and running back then and continue to work hard for our industry today, tomorrow, and as long as you will allow us into your homes, offices, and trucks. Behind the scenes, much work goes into each issue, database, website, and more. Travel to visit with you in person or on the phone has helped us succeed in our endeavors to provide you NEW and INNOVATIVE ways to move forward. No matter the factors that may interfere with your current drilling methods; if that avenue slows down, this magazine helps you transition to another avenue of drilling (that was its original purpose and remains the same today). As history has shown and proven, WorldWide Drilling Resource® has been there for you. Hard work, constant learning, and of course smiling, every day will help you succeed, just as it has for us. DrillFest is another way for us to help - It provides everything for you to have down time, yet learn more, visit with friends and meet new ones, talk with manufacturers, distributors, and suppliers about what would help you succeed. After all, they can’t improve for you, unless you talk with them. Oh and don’t forget KARAOKE. Turn your vocal chords loose! THE PERFECT OPPORTUNITY awaits you at the Third Annual WorldWide DownHome DrillFest™ in Sandestin, Florida, October 18-20. COME ON DOWN, and take a day or two to relax - you certainly deserve it. We will greet you with our Sol id Gold Smi les. WE HONOR OUR VETERANS AND FIRST RESPONDERS 25% OFF Registration Fees for you and your families (Exhibitors and Attendees). Forms available online - - - or give us a call - 850-547-0102. 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