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B u y e r s M e e t S e l l e r s 2 0 1 7 - 1 8 Everything for your needs. Buyers Meet Sellers 2017-18 Backup Systems B ORSR# 17001 Constant Water, LLC 6649 Garland Drive, Unit 10 Warrenton VA 20187 USA (540) 347-3440 Fax: (540) 347-3411 Contact: Judson E. Walls Constant Water is the leading manufacturer of automatic backup water systems for homes and businesses on water wells. Constant Water activates automatically with loss of power to provide 40-120 gallons of pressurized water. No generator required. Easy installation. Supports low flow wells, pump failure, and failure of public water supply. Make your customers “ Storm Ready ”!! (M) Bentonite Bits ORSR# 17021 Wyo-Ben, Inc. 1345 Discovery Dr. Billings MT 59102 USA (406) 652-6351 Fax: (406) 656-0748 Contact: Stewart Krause Wyo-Ben, Inc. cont inues to provide high-quality sodium bentonite products throughout the world. Wyo-Ben’s products are the innovative results of field-driven solutions. Our knowledgeable Customer Service, Research, and Sales people are able to bring industry-leading products to the market place by being dedicated to the customer’s goal. (M) ORSR# 17039 Bit Brokers International 5668 Logan Road West Frankfort IL 62896 USA (618) 435-5811 Fax: (618) 435-2388 Contact: Chester Thomas Bit Brokers International prides itself on service and quality that is unmatched in the bi t business. Our l ine of products includes tricones, hole openers, hammers and hammer bits, drag bits, sacrificial bits, PDC reamers, and PDC bits. Bit Brokers sel ls to al l 50 states and to over 82 countries worldwide serving industries such as construction, environmental, geothermal, oil and gas, water, mining, and HDD. (D)(S) ORSR# 17082 Bitco, Inc. 3011 Antonino Ave. Bakersfield CA 93308 USA (661) 834-4348 Fax: (661) 834-7419 Contact: Rod Henderson (661) 201-6259 Contact: Eran Henderson (661) 330-0790 Bitco offers a wide selection of new and used milltooth & TCI bits, hole openers (made to customer specifications), drag bits & wings, hammer & hammer bits, subs, stabilizers, claw bits, bolt-on teeth, and pipe wipers. We also manufacture HDD single cones & back reamers. (M)(S) ORSR# 17013 Blue Demon Company, Inc. PO Box 724 Lebanon GA 30146 USA (770) 591-2021 (800) 282-6760 Fax: (770) 591-6356 Contact: Carrie Maechler Blue Demon manufactures replace- able carbide and PDC blades and rotary drag bits for water well, quarry, seismic, shallow oil/gas, and construction applica- tions; auger bits for vertical and horizontal drilling; as well as directional pilot bits and reamers for horizontal boring. (M) ORSR# 17016 Infinity Tool Mfg. 11648 Skylane Dr. Benton IL 62812 USA (618) 439-4042 Fax: (618) 439-4380 Contact: Sales Drilling in formations like: hard clay, sandstone, shales, or limestone? If so, Infinity Tool Mfg. , a U.S. manufacturer, has the bit for your job. While providing years of experience and outstanding technical service, our line of PDC bits & PDC reamers, HDD bits, subs, DTH hammers & bits will increase your drilling speeds and lower the cost per hole. (M) 45 WorldWide Drilling Resource ® DECEMBER 2017 ORSR# 17106 (S) KS Bit, Inc. 11681 Skylane Drive Benton IL 62812 USA (618) 435-2602 (800) 213-1389 Español: (618) 438-9279 Fax: (618) 435-5724 KS Bit, Inc. is an international supplier of new, surplus, and rerun tricone drill bits, as well as various drilling accessories, such as tricone cutters, hole openers, PDC bits, drag bits, DTH hammers and bits, and DTH hole openers. KS Bit also buys large quantities of used and junk drill bits. Here it is ~ the 2017-18 Buyers Meet Sellers The ultimate resource is right at your fingertips and available online all year. Let them know you saw their ad in WWDR ’s Buyers Meet Sellers! Want to get in on the action? It’s not too late to be included in our online version. Call us today for more information! 850-547-0102