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Announcing the 55 th Annual Shallow Exploration Drillers Clinic! The 55 th SEDC will feature indoor exhibitors, outdoor displays, and a full agenda of technical presentations. We look forward to seeing you there! For more information contact: May 12-14, 2020 University Plaza Hotel Springfield, MO Jacki Loomis (402) 472-7550 Kevin McLain (573) 751-1044 Or visit T his event has been Cancelled. h s n l Please check their website. i by Larry Duffield, submitted by Tim Rasmussen Hello all my family, friends, and prayer supports, We arrived here [in Guatemala] on the 10th of January, and will be leaving next Tuesday, the 18th of February. Our first volunteer drill operator arrived and started up the rotary well drill. He is from Iowa, where he drills in “oatmeal” and found it quite a challenge to grind through limestone rocks of all shapes and sizes. Nevertheless, he drilled about seven holes in about two weeks, so I had to get pumps ready to make those holes become wells. For those who don’t know, I drill out the pivot points on these hand pumps to accept stainless steel bushings to keep the cast iron from wearing out. To a limited extent, I can repair old pumps that do have enlarged holes from wear, and make them jungle ready again. Last Thursday, I was invited to help install pumps on two new holes we drilled. That’s the most exciting part of this whole adventure - worth all the money, time, and effort since we get to see the exhilaration of the residents as they see that first stream of H 2 O appear from the spout on the hand pumps. Then they start washing their hands and face, and soon splashing it on each other. It’s like chocolate to Americans! Some of the old ladies are smiling through their tears of joy, and the young ladies are happy they don’t have to walk half a mile carrying dirty water they can’t drink. We try to tell them don’t drink the well water quite yet so the pipe can clean itself and the chlorine gets flushed out that we disinfect the well with is gone, but they are cupping their hands and drinking, or tasting at least. Think about all that the next time you take a drink from your faucet. 34 APRIL 2020 WorldWide Drilling Resource ® WTR Rasmussen cont’d on page 38.