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SaMoTer is Rescheduled Adapted from Information by Veronafiere SpA In the wake of the recent spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19) in Italy, the Board of Directors of Veronafiere SpA rescheduled SaMoTer, the international construction equipment trade fair orig- inally planned for March 21-25, to October 21-25. The board felt it would be nearly impossible to ensure proper timing for set-up, dismantling, and logistics oper- ations for the event. Other events held in conjunction with SaMoTer, Asphaltica - the road infrastructure event; ICCX Southern Europe - for those in the precast concrete sector; and LetExpo - the sus- tainable logistics trade fair, will also be held at the same time in May. For more information, visit: Frequently-Used Geological Terms Part 87 Glossary Adapted from the Dictionary of Geological Terms S Salt Glacier - A mass of mobile salt at the earth’s surface which flows slowly out- ward from a center, generally an exposed salt plug; known only in such an extremely arid region as that adjacent to the Persian Gulf. Salt Lake - A body of water in an arid or semiarid region, having no outlet to the sea, containing a high concentration of dis- solved salts (mainly sodium chloride). Examples include the Great Salt Lake in Utah, and the Dead Sea in the Near East. Saltpeter - A naturally occurring potassium nitrate. Also used to describe earthy cave deposits of nitrate minerals. Saltwater Encroachment - Displacement of fresh groundwater by advancing saltwater due to its greater density, usually in coastal and estuarine areas, but also by movement of brine from beneath a playa lake toward wells discharging freshwater. Encroachment occurs when the total head of the saltwater exceeds that of adjacent freshwater. Sandstone - A clastic sedimentary rock composed of grains of sand size set in a matrix of silt or clay and more or less firmly united by a cementing material (com- monly silica, iron oxide, or calcium car- bonate); the consolidated equivalent of sand. The sand particles usually consist of quartz, and the term sandstone, when used without qualification, indicates a rock containing about 85-90% quartz. Sanidine - A high-temperature mineral of the alkali feldspar group. It forms colorless or white, glassy, transparent crystals in acidic volcanic rocks such as trachyte. New & Used Bits, HDD Bits & Tools, Drag Bits & Wings, Bolt-On Drag Bits, Reverse Circulation Tools, Hole Openers, Claw Bits, Stabilizers, Subs, Custom Tooling & Welding, Hammer Bits, Drill Collars, Pipe Wipers, and Drill Pipe. Office: (661) 834-4348 Rod Henderson / Eran Henderson 661-201-6259 • 661-330-0790 41 WorldWide Drilling Resource ® APRIL 2020 More terms next month! MIN C&G