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Playa Construction Authorized in Utah Adapted from Information by Crystal Peak Minerals, Inc. U.S. Assistant Secretary of the Interior for Land and Minerals Management Joseph Balash signed a Record of Decision (ROD) in a ceremony held recently in Salt Lake City, Utah. Mr. Balash’s signature means the ROD is now in “full force and effect”, indicating construction for Crystal Peak Minerals’ Sevier Playa Project in west central Utah is now authorized. Also attending the ceremony were U.S. Representative Chris Stewart; lead- ership from the Utah Department of Natural Resources; state, district, and field office per- sonnel from the Bureau of Land Management; Millard County commissioners; and the permitting team for Crystal Peak. The company is focused on the production of premium specialty fertilizers and con- trols, directly or through agreement, mineral leases on more than 124,000 acres on the Sevier Playa in Millard County, Utah. With a brine mineral resource known to contain potassium, magnesium, sulfate, and other beneficial minerals, Crystal Peak is targeting the production of specialty fertilizers and associated products through the use of brine extraction and a solar evaporation process. Sulfate of Potash (SOP) and other specialty fertilizers are used in the production of high-value, chloride-sen- sitive crops such as tree nuts, fruits, and vegetables. The proposed mining method for the collection of naturally occurring brine from the sedimentary basin of the Sevier Playa will involve a combination of stepped extraction trenches and drilled wells to collect the subsurface brine. The mine design will consist of a brine extraction system of canals, trenches, and wells; recharge system of canals, collectors, and trenches; a series of evaporation ponds; and a tail- ing management area. John Mansanti, CEO of Crystal Peak said, “The signing of the ROD is the most important milestone in this company’s history. As one of the few greenfield SOP projects approved in the world, we are absolutely thrilled. Securing the ROD initiates an exciting phase for the company. We look forward to a number of important announcements in the coming months in relation to financing, offtake, and the project.” Upon receipt of funding and com- pletion of detailed engineering, Crystal Peak will be in a position to begin con- struction this year. 33 WorldWide Drilling Resource ® JANUARY 2020 MIN March Issue Deadlines! Space Reservation: January 25 th Display & Classified Ad Copy: February 1 st