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To be noticed, give us a call: (850) 547-0102 or e-mail: wwdr@ 12 JULY 2020 WorldWide Drilling Resource ® Through the Back Door! by Jim Kuebelbeck Military Installation Part 1 I don't often recount my experiences about the resistance (and ridicule) I encountered over the years because of my work as a water dowser, but I will make this exception. My late father cautioned me early on that people would not eagerly accept what I was apparently able to do. For this reason, the practice of water dowsing has long been a subject of controversy. Adding to this controversy, is the fact many inexperienced individuals often attempt to provide judgment about the presence of groundwater sources simply because they are able to receive some type of dowsing reaction with an instrument of some sort. When their erroneous predictions are proven wrong by the subsequent drilling of a water well, they simply blame the contractor for “going through the water vein”! Such failures only add to the general belief the practice of water dowsing is of little or no value in the locating of underground water sources. If that has been the past experience of a well drilling professional, who can fault him (or her) for not wanting to be associated with, or availing themselves of the services of any water dowser? Some years ago, I was asked to locate a groundwater supply for a military installation in northern Minnesota. I was told by the project facilities director that thousands of taxpayer dollars had been spent over the previous months in attempts to encounter a needed groundwater supply for a proposed maintenance facility, and all attempts had failed. He told me he had recommended my hiring to the on-site hydrogeologist a number of times, but was told there was no way he would ever agree to the hiring of any “water witcher”! I told him maybe they should just continue drilling dry holes if they wanted to, but I was going to stay as far away from this project as possible if the hydrogeologist didn't want me on-site. “No, no,” he said, “They put me solely in charge of this project now, and the whole project is at a standstill until we find a good water supply. When I told the guy that I was now going to hire you, he finally agreed, but under one condition - that you be hired only under the condition that in no way would your fee reflect any reference to water dowsing.” I told him if I were to work for them, I wasn't about to hide my identity just so someone could “save face” were I to locate a satisfactory water supply by my dowsing methods, when all previous efforts had failed. I told him I'd think about it overnight and call him back in the morning. Lying awake in bed, I came up with a possible solution . . . I would bill my work as a “Groundwater Flow Pattern Consultant.” My wife Carol thought it quite amusing. When I called the facilities director the next morning and told him what I had decided, he couldn't have been more pleased, and asked if I could possibly be on-site the next morning! There is much more to this story, but to shorten up this article, I will simply say I was able to locate a great water supply on the military base, and the new maintenance building is up and running. What happened some months later, however, was quite unbelievable and disturbing. Final chapter . . . next issue. The statements and comments in this article are based on information and ref- erences believed to be true and factual. If you have any questions or comments, please forward them to me in care of WWDR . Jim Jim Kuebelbeck may be contacted via e-mail to EXB WWDR is the best publication I receive. Thank you, Dale H. Campbell McKeesport, PA