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Geothermal by: International Ground Source Heat Pump Association (IGSHPA) IGSHPA Accredited Installer Workshop April 22-24 ~ Rochester, NY phone: 860-459-8279 e-mail: Groundwater / Water Well by: Texas Ground Water Association Continuing Education April 3 ~ Midland, TX, by TGWA April 4 ~ Round Rock, TX, sponsored by Preferred Pump & Equipment April 18 ~ Schertz, TX, sponsored by Gicon Pumps & Equipment April 24 ~ Plainview, TX, sponsored by Preferred Pump & Equipment phone: 512-472-7437 Irrigation by: Rain Bird Academy Training April 6-10 ~ Little Rock, AR April 6-10 ~ Pensacola, FL April 13-17 ~ San Diego, CA April 14-16 ~ Oklahoma City, OK April 20-24 ~ Clearwater, FL April 21-23 ~ Las Cruces, NM phone: 800-498-1942 Pipe by: McElroy University Inspector Qualification April 1-3 ~ Tulsa, OK phone: 918-836-8611 Pumps by: Franklin Electric Residential Basic April 14-15 ~ Wilburton, OK phone: 800-348-2420 training/franklintech-schedule/ More education opportunities during events can be found online at Education Connection 49 WorldWide Drilling Resource ® MARCH 2020 Exploring Your Mind by Harold White Clients who want me to find a location on their property to drill a productive well have generally drilled a few dry wells already. This has brought their interest to find water before they drill, which is what we do. They call me and I go out to meet them. Some ask how it works, wanting to know how I find water. I can teach the basics in about 20 minutes, which gives a lasting idea and may also be helpful in many other ways. For the people who are interested, I teach them to sense the energy of water underground. Then I ask them what their definition of seeing sight is. Very few have the definition, so I ask if they can see from here to the top of the mountain. They say yes. Then I ask to a car down the street? Yes again. To that dog over there? Yes. I then ask what they think if I tell them they cannot see from here to the top of the mountain. They may think I am out of my mind, and they really do not want to say it. So they generally just look at me with a confused look and a smile like “real- ly”, and I say the reality is that they cannot see from here to anywhere. I let them fuss or think about it for a short time, then repeat something I heard in grade school. The sunshine lights up an area, the light coming to your eyes is the energy received, your brain receives the energy in color, then forms a picture. So no light, no vision. What is vision? It is your eyes sensing incoming energy. Your whole body receives incoming energy. So then I ask, “What have I taught you? I have taught you to sense or see energy you were not aware of awhile ago. Now that you know about sensing ener- gy, you should be able to learn to sense many other energy forms like blind people do - like if a car is coming at you, you can sense it long before you are in danger. Seeing is sensing, so sensing is seeing.” Harold Harold White may be contacted via e-mail to EXB