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31 WorldWide Drilling Resource ® SEPTEMBER 2020 Ronnie’s Real World ~ and how it has changed . . . As I was driving to the office the other day, a song came on the radio ~ Life’s A Dance by John Michael Montgomery. “Life’s a Dance, you learn as you go . . . Sometimes you lead, sometimes you follow . . . Don’t worry ‘bout what you don’t know . . . Life’s a dance, you learn as you go.” I felt this was a very appropriate song for all of us now and wanted to share. Since this world of ours is moving in different directions so quickly, I felt it might be time we played a little catch-up, espe- cially since this issue features our world-renowned History Focus each year. My how far this little magazine with the BIG HEART has come from the summer of 2003 when initial talks began with Doc, Yvonne, and me. It was a fantastic time, and we were very excited about embarking on this new adventure. How I think back when others thought and said, “It won’t last six months”, and how Doc told me the story of how people said his second magazine NDBG wouldn’t make it six months. Ironic isn’t it? (Oh, you didn’t know he had one before that - Gear Jammer ?) I am very proud of all the people who worked so hard and put their heart and souls into making this magazine move for- ward for these past 17 years. Some didn’t stay long, but others have been here since its inception and early years. Today, it is a widely respected staple of the drilling industry worldwide . As many of you know, we here at WorldWide Drilling Resource, Inc. don’t sit still, but rather move ever forward with different ways to help those in our industry, and the industry as a whole grow. So, what that means for us is that we are ever working - but it’s a joy for us. What I always say is, “If work becomes WORK, it’s time to leave your current job and find one that isn’t WORK.” Let’s move forward from 2003, and review some of the ways we have tried to help and something went awry. Yes, I said, let’s look at some failures (but you know failures make you move forward and try harder, so they aren’t bad). We call them “stepping stones to success”. Here are some of ours: 1. WWDR Calendar featuring advertisers - well it worked except the newsprint didn’t work well with putting notes on the calendar. 2. WWGR (our geothermal magazine) - well that would have worked if the geothermal people would have supported it. 3. Put that geothermal magazine “online only” and people had to register to read it. Well that proved what we already knew. If we don’t like having to sign up for online things, why would we think you would? The circulation went from 8000 mailed to a little over 800 signing up to view it online. 4. How about Get Association Help™ - still well - and we intend to continue ever harder at this one because we know deep down our state associations need a trustworthy resource to help them manage and promote their association, as well as assist with their trade events. This work should begin in earnest the beginning of 2021. 5. Mailing large envelopes with outstanding information for advertisers and potential advertisers each year to help them market their equipment, products, and services. Costs went through the roof and nixed that idea. 6. Eliminate the physical mail and e-mail those marketing guides via links. Well that fell flat on its face - no one opens links - did you know that? Not if you want to track who is asking for it. 7. Physically mailing out Marketing Guides that don’t have pricing in them because “that is what you should do - never give your pricing out because people won’t call you if they have all your information already.” FORGET that - they probably think like I do. If the price is not there, I obviously cannot afford it. 8. So how about sending an e-mail out telling them to call for their “secret code” to get into the Marketing Guide online or when they tried to get into online it went to an automatic e-mail sent to us to send them a code. NOPE - that didn’t work. We are now back to physically mailing out our Marketing Guides for 2021, with all the necessary information, and letting prospects know, if you need additional information, we are just a phone call away. Oh, and we don’t use Voice Mail unless we are closed, then nicely ask you to leave a message or call the Managing Publisher’s or Chief Marketing Officer’s cell phones. Now for our latest adventure - WorldWide DownHome DrillFest™ , a dream for many years, tucked tightly away, just waiting for the right time. Well who would have ever guessed we would be working on this during a pandemic? Notice, I did not give this a number. Why? Because we are working harder than ever before (with the exception of how hard we work on this magazine each month and all those trade shows we cover to bring you the best information) on this trade show. Why would we venture into a trade show? Because our drilling industry needs it. What this event brings each of you, is something we feel is missing of late - ~ COMRADERY ~ According to Webster : Definition of comradery : a feeling of friendliness, goodwill, and familiarity among the people in a group. WorldWide DownHome DrillFest™ from the Home of Solid Gold Service ~ with a Smile!™ It’s a time of learning from each other, visiting, enjoying one’s company, sharing stories, toasting glasses, having a piece of warm apple pie with a glass of milk. Perhaps it’s dancing to a tune from years gone by ~ humming a song we heard from a favorite uncle, aunt, or grandparent ~ a time to relax and forget the stresses of the world ~ a time to enjoy family in a new environment ~ that long overdue vacation. Yes, we feel you deserve this and we feel the WWDR Team has to step up to the plate and provide it for you. So here we are again . . . amidst a pandemic that we had no idea would jump on everyone with both feet, working hard to ensure you get to have this special time, you so deserve. Come on out to Branson and join the WWDR Team. We’ve had enough “learning through our failures” and “climbing steps” to make this a GREAT BIG SUCCESS!