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CUSTOM SPECIALTY WINCHES FOR WELL DRILLING AND PUMP HOIST TRUCKS Manufactured with your specifications in mind BLOOM MANUFACTURING, INC. Custom Engineering Solutions Since 1910 Independence, IA 50644 USA P: +1 319-827-1139 P: 800-394-1139 F: +1 319-827-1140 DESIGNED FOR OUTSTANDING PERFORMANCE & SAFETY MAINLINE WINCHES 3000 to 35,000 pounds Up to 130 feet per minute SANDLINE WINCHES 1800 to 8000 pounds Up to 800 feet per minute WINCHES 9 WorldWide Drilling Resource ® SEPTEMBER 2020 Grundfos WellConnect App Adds New Pump Module Grundfos has released a new pump module in its most recent update to the company’s WellConnect App. The platform enables water well contractors to complete daily water system management tasks from their smartphone, tablet, or computer - including drilling logs, completion and downhole data, pump history, and maintenance history. Information and documents are stored securely in the cloud, enabling teams to share and access project details 24/7 on one easy-to-use platform. “Based on valuable user feedback, we have improved the WellConnect app by adding a new pump module, making im- provements to the well visualizer graphics and functionality, and allowing the user to enter pump data independently of well information,” said Dan Story, vice president of sales for ground- water and irrigation at Grundfos. “The new module gives users the ability to record pump end and motor information, pump panel and control information, pump installation details, and record site troubleshooting and test information.” For a link to WellConnect and to read the full press release, go to this page in our online issue at: