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41 APRIL 2021 WorldWide Drilling Resource® Does South Africa have its Own Permian Basin? Adapted from Information by ReconAfrica Reconnaissance Energy Africa Ltd. (ReconAfrica), a junior Canadian gas and oil company, has started drilling operations in South Africa’s Kalahari Desert in North East Namibia. The company is exploring the Permian-aged Kavango Basin, which could rival America’s Permian Basin for gas and oil production. The plan is to drill down to 12,500 feet to evaluate potential hydrocarbon systems in one of five major subbasins of the larger, more extensive Kavango Basin. The first section of the well is designed to reach 4800 feet in depth where intermediate casing will be set. Sidewall cores and well logs will be run from an interval of 1000-4800 feet to identify conventional targets. The company expects to reach the top of the Permian section at approximately 4000 feet. The second section of the well is designed to reach a total depth of 12,500 feet, drilling through the intermediate to lower Permian sections. While drilling the lower sections, they will take whole cores and conduct a full logging of all zones of interest (conventional targets and source rocks), using a state-of-the-art logging program provided by Schlumberger. The well will be drilled with water-based drilling fluid providing ideal samples (cuttings and core) to be utilized to determine a range of petroleum properties and locations for future exploration and production wells. In keeping with the company’s policy of implementing environmental best practices, ReconAfrica is working with Valence Drilling Fluids, a North American company providing organic and biodegradable drilling fluids which are environmentally safe, for many aspects, including topsoil enhancement and development. “We welcome the opportunity to work alongside ReconAfrica on this project as they are a company that understands the importance of environmental protection with proven results,” stated Gareth Eckhout, vice president for Valence Drilling Fluids. “Drilling the first three wells in a newly discovered Permian Basin, where one company holds all of the rights, is certainly a rare opportunity. There are many important similarities between the Kavango Basin and the Permian Basin in West Texas, one of the world’s most prolific producing basins, where I have been actively drilling and completing wells for many years,” said Nick Steinsberger, senior vice president of drilling and completions. Dan Jarvie, ReconAfrica’s geochemist said, “This important three-well drilling program will provide ReconAfrica an initial assessment of the various Permian-age potential petroleum systems such as found in the ageequivalent Permian Basin in Texas and Karoo Basin in South Africa. Geological and geochemical analysis will provide details on potential, stacked conventional reservoirs, as well as multiple petroleum source rocks. Petroleum source rock and stratigraphic analysis will provide the company with a basis for assessing the timing of light oil generation, its expulsion, and migration to conventional reservoirs for future production.” The entire Kavango sedimentary basin is an area covering approximately 6.3 million acres in Namibia and Botswana. New & Used Tricones PDCs Drag & Claw Bits Drill Collars Bit Tipping Subs & Stabilizers HDD Bits & Reamers DTH Hammer & Bits Custom Fabrication Junk Mills / Fishing Tools Rod Henderson 661-201-6259 Eran Henderson 661-330-0790 Doug Askin with Ron Askin Drilling of Miles City, Montana, purchased this 6X2 Hybrid pump hoist from TDH Manufacturing in Haslet, Texas. TDH Manufacturing Send your deals to: michele@ Dealmakers