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32 AUGUST 2021 WorldWide Drilling Resource® Unmasking Pipeline Leaks Adapted from Information by Siemens Energy and Professional Flexible Technologies The United States currently has more than 210,000 miles of pipelines transporting hazardous liquids, with oil production and distribution accounting for more than 140,000 miles. Any pipeline system can experience leaks and with the significant lengths of these, it can be difficult to detect and stop leaks before a large volume of fluid loss occurs. But, help is on the way with two companies combining forces to unmask dangerous pipeline leaks. Pipeline operators have a new option for leak detection services with Siemens Energy partnering with Houston-based Professional Flexible Technologies. Their agreement gives Siemens Energy exclusive access to Professional Flexible Technologies’ digital Pipe-Safe™ advanced leak detection technology. Siemens will combine Pipe-Safe™ with their Internet of Things (IoT) system, enabling operators to reduce the risk associated with operating their infrastructure by minimizing unplanned, unsafe releases of product. Leveraging remote pressure monitoring and complex data processing procedures, the combined systems will detect and pinpoint leaks rapidly within +/- 20 feet of their location. For companies operating aging infrastructure, it is particularly important to detect small leaks in pressurized lines transporting virtually any kind of liquid or gas medium. Nico van Rensburg, head of Onshore Solutions’ Digital Solutions and Portfolio Innovation at Siemens Energy, commented on this new option as “a powerful combination that will help operators safely operate their assets and mitigate against the impact of unplanned product releases through the early detection of leaks [by using] highly-sensitive pressure sensors connected to pipelines at key locations to monitor internal pressure continuously.” These combined technologies represent a cost-effective leak detection solution, which is easily installed and requires little ongoing human intervention. Any unexpected pipeline damage can be detected, located immediately, and repaired, significantly reducing the volume of any kind of liquid spill and associated negative impacts. The two companies’ collaboration is another step forward in assisting the industry’s sustainability by providing solutions that reduce emissions and minimize harmful impacts. Jennifer Hooper, senior vice president of Industrial Applications Solutions for Siemens Energy, summed up the partnership providing customers with complete peace of mind: “The Pipe-Safe™solution from ProFlex Technologies complements our existing IoT digital service offerings that, with the use of analytics, improve asset efficiency and safety.” G&O Photo courtesy of U.S. Department of Energy. 30 h oB ot ™ 1 tse lF lirD e omm nH oww D de i dW lroW la nu nA d on ceS eh t su eeS a t