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15 DECEMBER 2021 WorldWide Drilling Resource ® RENEW - SUBSCRIBE NOW! Massenza’s 100-Year Anniversary Adapted from Information by Massenza Massenza Drilling Rigs’ history begins in 1921 in Northern Italy, when Giuseppe Massenza, a drilling contractor, decided to open a workshop for the maintenance of drilling rigs. Shortly after, the maintenance workshop developed into a production facility for drill rigs. During a century of experience, Massenza created new hydraulically powered prototypes which were able to offer previously unimaginable performance. Since then, the company has worked for a constant improvement and more sophisticated, versatile, and cutting-edge systems. Nowadays, four generations of the Massenza family have succeeded and the produc- tion range of Massenza drilling rigs can count on different types of machine for water wells, geothermal wells, geotechnical applications, micropiles and anchors, mineral explo- ration, and seismic drilling. Only in the last 20 years, the Italian manufacturer has produced more than 520 drilling rigs for more than 50 countries around the world, maintaining long-lasting relationship with clients, partners, and dealers. The entire production process of Massenza Drilling Rigs, from design to the final assem- bly and testing of equipment, is done in the company headquarters in the Parma province in Northern Italy. Massenza production is distinguished by a very high customization of their drilling rigs: each machine is designed and developed for the specific needs of the client. This proven and incomparable flexibility, along with the long experience in drilling field, allows Massenza rigs to successfully complete any job in any soil condition and in all countries of the world, allowing drill operators to adapt drilling methods whenever necessary. Covering a range from 2 tons up to 60 tons pullback capacity, all Massenza equipment can indeed work by direct or reverse circulation systems, using mud, water, foam, or air, by coring, percussion, and auger drilling. They can be mounted on crawler, truck, or semitrailer, providing hundreds of alternatives and solutions for the various components, including automatic rods charging system and radio remote controls. This year, Massenza company celebrates its 100th anniversary and wants to send a message to all its partners and customers: “Thank you for these wonderful 100 years together; thank you for your trust in us. There is nothing more important and it has allowed us to continue our work and improve more and more, with dedication and passion. And we will not stop doing that; we are ready for the next 100 years, younger and more motivated than ever.” C&G