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14 DECEMBER 2021 WorldWide Drilling Resource ® RENEW - SUBSCRIBE NOW! January 5-7, 2022 ~ Utah Ground Water Association’s 41 st Annual Conference & Expo will again be at the CasaBlanca Resort & Casino in Mesquite, Nevada. It’s a great opportunity to network while receiving the latest education and infor- mation to keep you at the top of your business. View the schedule at January 11-12, 2022 ~ Mark your calendars for the Louisiana GroundWater Association Convention & Trade Show in Marksville, Louisiana. As in previous years, on Tuesday, the cocktail hour is at 6 p.m., dinner at 7 p.m., and bingo at 8 p.m. The convention on Wednesday features educational seminars and the trade show. Get the registration form at January 18-19, 2022 ~ Get ready for the Empire State Water Well Drillers Association Annual Meeting at the Turning Stone Resort Casino in Verona, New York. The event will feature a variety of classes and trade show, with plenty of time to meet old friends and catch up. Visit See more events at online issue. Are you planning to go? WorldWide will be looking for you! Get Wired for Success! Compiled the Editorial Staff of WorldWide Drilling Resource ® Today’s world functions with 4G signals topping out at 10 million bits per second, but downhole drilling data is still conveyed to the surface at less than 10 bits per second. Finding a reliable solution for powered and wired drill pipe has been a significant challenge for the drilling industry. There is a growing need for higher resolution data from downhole, and Reelwell AS, a Norwegian company, has worked to change the status quo depending on mud pulses and memory cards to gather this vital data with their development of a new wired drill pipe. Reelwell’s DualLink differs from current wired pipe technologies, which use a cable connected at either end of the drill pipe within the drilling fluid. The new braided conductor is combined with an insulating material and bonds to the inside diameter of each pipe, helping to reduce the potential for failure. Power and data travel through more than 800 wires braided into what looks like a fabric wrapped around the drill pipe, and from pipe to pipe via ring-shaped connectors meeting as pipes are put together. The transceivers are optimized for the transmission requirements of the system and do not require signal boosters. Low-complexity pipe connectors are self-cleaning and field replaceable, without impacting the drill pipe’s integrity. Collaborating with Reelwell, Nabors Drilling supported testing which demonstrated wired pipe could reliably handle power and data along the drill string. Reelwell acknowledged digital creates a huge appetite for power and the bandwidth to collect a lot of data in real time. During the demonstration, the drill string, consisting of 96 joints / 3058 feet of DualLink pipe, performed without failure for over 80 hours, drilling granite down to 4213 feet. The test results illustrated high-speed bidirec- tional telemetry at more than 61,000 bits per second, power transmission of up to 500 watts from surface to the batteryless bottomhole assembly downhole, and 100% uptime reliability of telemetry and power transmission. This testing included pipe handling, racking, running in hole, and real-time transmission of high-speed drilling mechanics, surveying, and logging data via DualLink during drilling and tripping. Reelwell’s new DualLink design addresses past complaints about wired pipe. Designed for full and easy integration into a rig, DualLink integrates easily into existing drill rig systems and can be handled in the same way as regular drill pipe, requiring no special assembly methods when connecting sections of pipe. Vastly increased bidirectional telemetry speeds enable drilling professionals to optimize the drilling processes by assessing the downhole conditions in real time and adjusting to drilling dysfunctions immediately, reducing unexpected events and trips. Decisions about hole cleaning, dynamics, wellbore deviation, and accurate well placement can all be made instantly with the high-resolution data. This means drilling time is reduced as problematic zones and time-consuming mitigation efforts can be avoided, saving rig time in the range of 7%-15% and cutting associated environmental emissions. Reelwell sold two full-length strings of DualLink to Nabors Industries for its U.S. land applications. Subodh Saxena, Sr., vice president of Nabors Drilling Solutions said, “We believe DualLink will be an important element in the evolution of integrated drilling solutions. It will reduce overall well construction costs and will enhance our automated drilling smart apps, generating smoother and more accurate wellbore trajectories, ultimately leading to increased production for our customers.” DualLink braided drill pipe. Photo courtesy of Reelwell AS. G&O