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32 DECEMBER 2021 WorldWide Drilling Resource ® RENEW - SUBSCRIBE NOW! Nitrate Coated Premium Liners 5x6, 5x8, & 5x10 Gardner Denver 5-1/2x8 & 5-1/2x10 Gardner Denver 7-1/2x8 & 7-1/2x10 Gardner Denver Rods Heat - Treated & Chromed 5x6, 5x8, & 5-1/2x8 Gardner Denver 5x10 & 5-1/2x10 Gardner Denver 7-1/2x8 & 7-1/2x10 Gardner Denver New Pumps In Stock Gardner Denver 4x5 TEE Triplex. Gardner Denver 5-1/2x5 TEE Triplex Gardner Denver 4x5 or 4-1/2x5 Duplex Gardner Denver 5x6 Duplex Gardner Denver 5x6 Air Drive Duplex Gardner Denver 5x8 Duplex Gardner Denver 5-1/2x8 Duplex Gardner Denver 7-1/2x8 Duplex Gardner Denver 7-1/2x10 Duplex Gardner Denver 5-1/2x5 THE Triplex Gardner Denver 5x8 PAH Triplex Call for Prices. We Have a Variety of Brands of Mud Pump Parts and Power Units in Stock. Special or Obsolete Parts Made to Order . Cash for Surplus Mud Pumps . Rebuilt Mud Pumps 4-1/2x6 Gaso Duplex 4-1/2x6 Oilwell Duplex Gardner Denver 4-1/2x8 PA-8 Triplex Gardner Denver 5x6 Duplex Gardner Denver 5x10 Duplex Gaso 5x10 Duplex OVER 300 PUMPS IN STOCK Armstrong Machine Co. Inc. Pocahontas, IA 50574 USA 712 - 335 - 4131 ~ 24 Hours 7 Days a Week • Fax: 712 - 335 - 4565 800 - 831 - 4527 USA & Canada (8AM to 4PM Monday - Friday) Hydraulic Grout Pumps 5”, 6”, & 7-1/2” Rated at 160 lumens, the MagMate™ USB rechargeable Dual-Light™ LED headlamp from NIGHTSTICK by BAYCO Products, Inc. is listed as intrinsically safe for hazardous environments. It features an adjustable tilting head powered by an integrated rechargeable battery, with a rubber hard hat strap, elastic nonslip headband, stainless steel clip backplate, and a USB magnetic coupler charge cord. The duel top-mounted switches provide high or low spotlight for distance, high or low floodlight for close-up illumination, or the exclusive Dual-Light technology which activates both the spotlight and floodlight simultaneously for maximum user safety. The MagMate is also dustproof and waterproof, and impact and chemical resistant. Make Your Products “SHINE”. Put them in WWDR ’s Product Spotlight ~ 850-547-0102