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51 DECEMBER 2021 WorldWide Drilling Resource® RENEW - SUBSCRIBE NOW! “Chuck” Jones (1961 ~ 2021) n ~ a rock that stands firm . spoke at the Celebration of Life these words in loving memory: s er. While growin’ up, he took me everywhere with him. Mom and Father may have made him, but he never let on to that fact. He would take me on at the Suwannee River house. He put me on my first Fat Cat mini dirt bike. I couldn’t even touch the ground. As we grew up, he moved toward the the skinny good-looking blonde who was and still is an eye catcher. She stole his heart and helped him focus on the future. She made sure he n. Well, if you knew my brother, it took a strong-willed person to make him go to school. He would get dropped off at the front door and wave goodbye; ut of sight, he would walk through the school and out the back door where he would meet up with his friends. I’m not sure who it was, but may have lock. He continued to do this until he was caught. So you see, Lynn had her hands full. They got married as a young couple and became Wade and ve without her strong guidance, he would still be driving that beer truck. an EMT and then a Paramedic / Fireman, he would tell me stories of the crazy stuff they would do. He told me a story that they were driving on US when they hit a deer. Wade told the driver to stop and let’s load it up. We can have fresh deer meat. He said they opened the back of the ambulance, rove back to the station with it. He said once they opened the back of that box, there was blood everywhere. He said it took them hours to clean it all venison he ever had. They ended up cooking it up right there at the station. t to the farm in Chiefland and we would hunt. I had never been able to hunt by myself (too young), so what he would do is he would set me down by say “watch that gap right in front of you.” I had a 22 nylon rifle at the time. He would sit in the treehouse / stand and would watch over me. He was pe. I shot my first deer in that spot he put me. Funny thing is, I fired 10 times and the deer fell (buck fever is real). He came running down and we there wasn’t any blood. So he shot the deer ‘cause it was moving. Come to find out, I must have given the deer a heart attack or it just fainted. I only and took the hair off of it. We had another time when we had hunted all morning and it was doe weekend. We made it back to the house and while m having a coffee with the old man, we both saw two deer heading across the field. We both grabbed our rifles and ran out and took aim. Both shots t at the same time. made it to college, I decided to follow in his footsteps. I entered Santa Fe where I would find myself in the shadows of the infamous “ICE”. He was thing rattled him. I was able to do my ride-a-longs with him and he would introduce me to different people who would let me do things like staple a k closed. I got the nickname “SLUSH” - see, I wasn’t as calm as he was. I went into the Fire Service in Panama City, where we would have to go over tand by for the helicopter to come in at Bay Med. Every time I would see the blue and orange bird, I would say, “That’s my brother.” Wade and Lynn had two beautiful girls. These two girls were his world. As long as I can remember, he always talked about them and would send me would do our best to visit as much as possible and play with them like he had done with me while I was growing up. They came up one time to the started up a side business of landclearing, ATW, the name of AL, TROY, and WADE. We had a semi-truck to haul our equipment. I remember the n the driveway. We had already taught them to drive a standard transmission in our old Datsun pickup. rselves talking about riding motocycles, ‘cause once again, I followed in his footsteps, and I think my wife Marie followed in Lynn’s. She too had purDavidson Heritage Classic, like Lynn had done for Wade. Oh, and it was blue. We soon found ourselves riding and enjoying our times of seeing the any good times. We would always try and top it the following year. We had one year that was cut short because of an accident at the house. Mom Father had fallen and hit his head. We decided that next morning we would leave out and head home. We drove the entire way to the hospital dodging de would call our navigator - his MarieMarie. Once we pulled into the parking lot, he came over to me and said, “They say to drive it like you stole it, n sure did that!” We made it to the hospital just in the nick of time to say our goodbyes. some time with my brother this year. We had started teaching classes for Mom’s drilling show. See, last year the instructors couldn’t make it there Mom asked, “Can y’all teach a class for me?” I spent most of the night trying to put together a PowerPoint. The next morning, I was still working on room and asked what I was doing. I told him and he said, “Sounds good!”(without a care in the world of what the class was on). This year, we had up and it was the best class I had ever put on. See, I would talk and it was like he knew when I was going to stop; he would step right in and vice king about retirement for him and what to do afterwards. I had retired early and messed up our original plans of retiring at the same time. So his plan he was going to build a cabin up on the farm. He wanted to work with me on the farm and doing construction with our new company. He always made so have to take time for ourselves and relax and ride.” He said that he would be doing a lot of grandbaby sitting ‘cause that’s what it’s all about. He ng trips to Charleston. I stopped him right there and said, “We are making those trips together!” ched the tip of the WADE (MF, ICEMAN) Jones Iceberg. But with the limited time, I have to keep it short. I would like to leave you with this - He was so in his honor, please keep a smile on your face and tell us your best Wade stories. We would love to hear all of them. Love Ya Man! Karaoke by Chuck ~ Luckenbach, TX Second Annual WorldWide DownHome DrillFest™ 2021.