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WorldWide Drilling Resource ® is proud to be a member of these associations. Alberta Water Well Drilling Association Tel: 780-386-2335 Arizona Water Well Association Black Hills Chapter of the ISEE President: Erik Carlson British Columbia Ground Water Assn. Tel: 604-530-8934 California Groundwater Association Tel: 916-231-2134 Fax: 614-898-7791 Concrete Sawing & Drilling Association Tel: 727-577-5004 Empire State Water Well Drillers Assn. Tel: 315-339-8960 Fax: 315-339-8960 Florida Ground Water Association 850-205-5641 Indiana Ground Water Assn. Tel: 888-443-7330 Fax: 765-231-4430 Iowa Geothermal Association Tel: 515-224-6469 Kentucky Groundwater Association Tel: 606-523-1215 Fax: 866-896-0184 Louisiana Ground Water Association Tel: 225-744-4554 Michigan Ground Water Association Tel : 855-225-6492 Fax: 614-898-7786 Minnesota Water Well Association Tel : 800-332-2104 Missouri Water Well Association Tel: 314-974-6992 Montana Water Well Drillers Association Tel : 406-686-3168 National Drilling Association Tel : 877-632-4748 F ax: 216-803-9900 National Ground Water Association Tel: 800-551-7379 Fax: 614-898-7786 Nebraska Well Drillers Association Tel: 402-476-0162 New Jersey Ground Water Association North Carolina Ground Water Assn. Tel: 919-876-0687 North Dakota Well Drillers Association Tel: 701-567-4126 Northern Plains Chapter of the ISEE President: Billy Obermire Tel: 307-689-0050 Ohio Water Well Association, Inc. Tel : 937-278-0308 Fax: 937-278-0317 Oklahoma Ground Water Association Tel: 405-209-6482 Ontario Groundwater Association Tel: 519-245-7194 Fax: 519-245-7196 Pennsylvania Ground Water Association Tel: 814-553-3883 w Shallow Exploration Drillers Clinic Tel : 402-472-7550 South Atlantic Well Drillers “JUBILEE” Tel: 855-987-7469 Fax: 850-222-3019 South Carolina Ground Water Association Tel: 803-356-6809 F ax: 803-356-6826 South Dakota Well Drillers Association Tel: 605-734-6631 Southwest Mississippi Community College Well Construction Technology Tel : 601-276-3738 Tennessee Water Well Association Tel: 865-761-4363 Texas Alliance of Energy Producers Tel : 940-723-4131 Fax: 940-723-4132 Texas Ground Water Association Tel: 512-472-7437 F ax: 512-472-0537 Utah Ground Water Association Tel: 801-541-7259 Virginia Water Well Association Tel: 804-387-8395 Fax: 804-302-7978 We’re Here for You! Get Association Help™(GAH) is here to help your association succeed! The success of state / local associations is important to the industry - and to us. We can assist with: R Membership Development / Maintenance R Website Development / Maintenance R Newsletter Preparation and Distribution (Online and Printed) R Accounting Services R Convention Assistance R and More! For more information, contact Ed or Sheryl at 850-547-0102 20 JANUARY 2021 WorldWide Drilling Resource ®