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33 WorldWide Drilling Resource® JANUARY 2021 The Xs T V2.0 casing advancement system from GeoRocFor can be used with any size casing. The lugs (locking mechanism) are larger for a greater impact surface to increase the life span of the system. Another plus is the crown has a socket assembly which fits over the casing for better welding alignment. The driver bit transfers impact and rotation to the crown bit for drilling. It locks into four flats on the casing crown, and they act together as a standard drill bit. The driver bit drills a pilot hole below the crown to guide the direction of the casing. After drilling, the pilot space below the crown allows the square bit to turn without touching the crown. The crown bit is a two-piece welded unit where the lower part is free to rotate with the driver bit. This model also comes with a “rotational-crusher zone” at the end of the flushing airways, just under the hammer spline drive. This patent-pending zone improves the evacuation by preventing accumulation of rocks and gravel at a recess point. By turning the driver against a fixed casing, the rock is crushed into smaller pieces, then evacuated through the casing. Driver Bit (above) Crown Bit (below) GeoRocFor, Inc. is a Valued WWDRAdvertiser. February 11-13, 2021 ~ The 2021 Mountain States Groundwater Expo will once again be at the Aquarius Casino Resort in Laughlin, Nevada. It’s a great opportunity for drilling contractors, pump installers, and other groundwater industry associates to visit with manufacturers, suppliers, and service providers, plus attend the seminars to earn continuing education credits. The event is hosted each year by the Ground Water and Water Well Associations of Arizona, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico, and Utah. Register now at February 17-18, 2021~ The Virginia Water Well Association’s 2021 Winter Conference will be held at the Fredericksburg Expo & Conference Center in Fredericksburg, Virginia. Both days have educational courses and a trade show of exhibits. For the first time, virtual registration is available to attend the courses online and receive credit. Get more details by visiting See more events at online issue. Are you planning to go? WorldWide will be looking for you! Oil/Water Exploration by Harold White ~ Albert Einstein (1879-1955) 76 years old - 1916 water locator ~ I found this interesting. The words “water witch” or “witching” weren’t used. The words used to find water underground was called “water finding” by the very famous scientist Albert Einstein. I also call what I do “finding water” - for irrigation, home, or stock wells; and gas, oil, or lithium in saltwater. “Water witch” was named after a witch hazel limb, that if held correctly, will react in a gravity-like pull on it. It is nothing but science related. It does have that ability, so the limb is called witch hazel for detecting water; and since all witches are not called Hazel, they just dropped the hazel part for fear of misnaming the witch. No witchcraft is used in the science of finding underground water. So, for those who do believe in witches, do not fear the water-finding method just because of what tree or bush the Yshaped stick is taken from. Maybe if we got a stick from a maple tree, we could just maple stick it. Most people do not believe underground fluids, water, can be found by any method to them. It is all just a joke, a thing to make fun of - and I have had a lot of fun playing with the science of it. Learning anything good has always been fun for me. With little or no help, I have put one scientific fact after another, and it has been a long learning process. I started this learning by teaching myself. I’m sure everyone has heard, “For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.” My father would say, “Every action has a reason.” I find this to be true. My question has always been: What started the first action, and why? Locating underground fluid is a fact, not a belief, and I have made a science out of finding all of the fluids. Harold Harold White may be contacted via e-mail to WTR