WorldWide Drilling Resource

20 JULY 2021 WorldWide Drilling Resource ® Geothermal Energy from Adapted from Information by t Coproduced and geopressured geothermal energy resources are emerging in unexpected places. Until recently, the annual aver Now it is being viewed as a valuable energy-producing resource. With the help of a closed-loop system known vaporizes at a lower temperature and higher pressure than water. The vapor is then used to drive a turbine to produce resources, are promising to yield more clean energy, extend the economic life of gas and oil fields, and profitably In Wyoming, Ormat Technologies, LLC and Rocky Mountain Oilfield Testing Center achieved the first suc- ture. Since its beginning, the Ormat Energy Converter has produced 150 to 250 net kilowatts of power from copro- a gas and oil site in Utah, which has potential geothermal power. The Recovery Act funded several projects to demonstrate electricity generation from coproduced fluids. On feet. The University of North Dakota will operate and monitor an on-site power plant for two years to develop mod- geothermal electricity production from gas and oil well coproduced water. They will install, operate, and report model for more plants at some of the 37,000 possible sites in Texas and the neighboring Gulf Coast. In some instances, the coproduced fluid (brine) gets trapped under an impermeable layer of caprock with a many deep sedimentary U.S. basins. At the Sweet Lake Oil and Gas Field in Cameron Parish, Louisiana, a proj- designing power plants. They will drill an injection well and conduct long-term testing of a production well. The power plant at Sweet sured-geothermal energy technology. GEO Chena Power, LLC’s m plant unit will use cop and oil wells to genera