WorldWide Drilling Resource

21 JULY 2021 WorldWide Drilling Resource ® m Unexpected Sources the U.S. Department of Energy rage of 25 billion barrels of hot water produced by U.S. gas and oil wells was considered an inconvenience requiring costly disposal. as a binary Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC), the heat from geothermal fluid is transferred to a second fluid, which electricity. Coproduced geothermal resources and geopressured resources, with the technology for capturing these utilize abandoned gas and oilfield infrastructure. cessful generation of electricity by integrating geothermal technologies into existing gas and oilfield infrastruc- duced fluids. Another company, Chena Power, LLC, developed a mobile geothermal power plant, deployed on a western North Dakota oilfield, an ORC system was installed to access coproduced fluids at depths of 10,000 els for geothermal energy production. Universal GeoPower, LLC also has plans to demonstrate the viability of data from a modular, replicable power plant in Liberty County, Texas. If successful, this plant will serve as a layer of sediment building over it, causing elevated pressures. Known as geopressured resources, they exist in ect aims to exploit these high-pressured hot brines by developing models, devising surface technology, and t Lake Field is expected to create electricity from the geothermal well’s brine and, if successful, will showcase the viability of geopres- mobile geothermal power roduced fluids from gas te electricity.