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31 JUNE 2021 WorldWide Drilling Resource ® Find Wisdom in the Silence by Tim Connor We live in a noisy world and it's getting worse. Not being negative here - just dealing in reality. What do I mean by noisy? When I use the word noisy , I am referring to a number of factors that detract us from what really matters in life. If you look up the meaning of noisy, it would imply just loud or boisterous sound(s), but I am taking a broader view here and implying not just the sounds of noise, but the things that distract or prevent us from finding the benefits of silence or solitude in our lives. Think about it for a moment - what keeps your focus away from what really matters in life - technology, others’ expecta- tions, busy agendas, negative emotions, regret or disappointment, uncertainty, fears about the future, stressful circum- stances, or just being in a hurry as you go through your days and life? It is common knowledge that we tend not to learn valuable lessons in life if we don't take the time to listen to our inner voice or spend time in introspection. We are born, we keep busy, then we die - is that the purpose of life? I don't think so. Yes, many people give generously of their time, resources, energy, and experience to others in need, but the vast majority of people tend to be focused on their own problems, needs, wants, and life in gen - eral. Mature learning can't be accomplishe d in the midst of life's busyness - we nee d to spend time in silence just listening t o God, our history, our experience, and ou r dreams and what they are trying to teac h us about how to live a life filled with con - tentment, service, inner peace, and joy. When I talk about silence, I am no t referring here to isolating yourself for a few hours each day to just sit, listen, an d wait for answers, but the willingness an d ability to take a few minutes periodicall y during each day prior to major decisions , actions, or responses and just quiet you r mind by turning off the outside world - cell phone, TV, computer, anything tha t distracts you from spending a few min - utes in the inner silence of introspectio n and consideration. There are numerou s benefits to routine silence - physically , emotionally, and psychologically. Evidenc e has proven this simple activity lower s the negative impact of stress, helps yo u stay focused on what matters, and numer - ous other career, relationship, and life ben - efits. Then there is the opposite of quie t time - letting in the outside world with al l its chaos, uncertainty, dysfunction, an d speed of change with its increased stress , anxiety, frustration, disappointment, an d fear. Believe me, the consequences o f letting your outer world control your inne r world is not worth the price, whether short - term or not. You will pay for it in one wa y or another. The body and the mind need rest . The mind needs time to chill so it ca n always be a valuable resource for soun d decision-making, appropriate actions , and effective life approaches. Withou t Wisdom cont’d on page 32.