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this rest, you will tend to bring inappropriate behavior to life's various circumstances and challenges. Reading, thinking, planning, contemplating, and learning are all valuable activities, but they are not included in what I refer to as spending time in silence or quiet time. Meditation and prayer can be valuable quiet time activities as long as there are no expectations or conscious control while engaged in them. Try it for a week - spend a few minutes of unplanned silence several times during each day. Turn off the outside world and just listen - no agendas, no control, no actions - just listen. In His service, Tim Tim Connor may be contacted via e-mail to 32 JUNE 2021 WorldWide Drilling Resource® With the New WifiVu Module, you can view the live feed from your downhole camera on iOS or Android devices. Compatible with most downhole camera systems. View your Well-Vu Camera Live Feed Video on Any Mobile Device or Tablet in Real Time with WifiVu! ~ View ~ Record ~ Take Still Shots of Video to Text or E-mail ~ Communicate with Office and Clients Instantly! Simple to use - Just Download the App Connect to the WifiVu wifi signal, and you are set! For more information call Ray at 406-853-7867 or visit $695 Wisdom cont’d from page 31. Looking for a great deal? Check out the WorldWide SUPER MART™in the back of this issue and online at