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33 JUNE 2021 WorldWide Drilling Resource ® New Website! In addition to observing its 70th anniversary, Wyo-Ben is celebrating the launch of its new website. The new home page, which features incredible aerial video footage of the Wyo-Ben facilities and the unique landscape formed by bentonite outcroppings called “pie pans,” provides access to products and re- sources for today’s drilling professional. Family-owned and -operated since 1951, the company is a leading provider of drilling fluids. The company continues to deliver innovative, ecofriendly so- lutions ranging from cat litter to drilling fluids, slurries, fluid absorption materials, seals and caps for the drilling and civil engineering industries, as well as products for wine clarification, pelletizing taconite ore, and even the cleaning fluid used by the U.S. Treasury to make bank notes. Check out the new site today by clicking on this box in our online issue! Breaking News WHO’S IN THE NEWS Additional announcements from the International Society of Explosives Engineers, Society for Mining, Metallurgy & Exploration, Gicon Pumps, and the Canadian Institute of Mining, Metallurgy and Petroleum can be found by clicking this box in our online issue at: Central Mine Equipment Company (CME) welcomes a new addition to its sales team, Brad Jouppi, an experienced drill operator from Littleton, Colorado. He will represent CME in the mountain states. Brad has operated CME drills for several years on geotechnical, environmental, and water well drilling projects. His experience includes auger drilling, rotary drilling, diamond core drilling, air hammer and Odex systems. He is sure to be a valuable resource for CME customers and the company. Service Wire Company announced Erika Hernandez has joined the company as a sales representative. She will be responsible for working with pump and irrigation distributors and manufacturer representatives in Kentucky, Tennessee, North and South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Florida, Mississippi, Washington, Montana, Oregon, Idaho, Wyoming, Colorado, Utah, Nevada, California, and Arizona. Erika has more than 16 years of experience in various sales and customer service roles, two of those years were spent in sales for the gas and oil pipe manufacturing industry. She is extensively trained in Service Wire’s product lines, capabilities, and quality systems. Send Your News Announcements to: