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diaphragm to pull gas and oil into a refinery chamber. When the volume of a chamber increases, the pressure decreases, and the fluid pours in. The diaphragm then moves down and forces the liquid out. Once the fluid has cleared the chamber, the diaphragm moves back into position, allowing more fluid to enter. This cycle continues while the pump is operating. This unique design means diaphragm pumps are able to move large volumes of liquid, making them great for refineries located near large oil sources. More wear-resistant than positive displacement pumps, diaphragm pumps have fewer moving parts or friction points, but they also suffer from “winks”. Winks are small gaps that slow the movement of fluid, which tends to happen over long distances. Petrochemical Pump - These pumps are used to process or refine chemicals during crude oil drilling and refining. Petrochemical pumps can be piston, diaphragm, mag drive, or another type of process or chemical pump. They can operate at high rates of flow and pressure within a refinery system. Petrochemical pumps prevent leaks, which also prevents haz- ardous environmental conditions. On the plus side, the simple design, ease of use, and compact size of the petrochemical pump provides the durability necessary to keep up with the demands of oil drilling. On the downside, these pumps are prone to overheating, cavitations, and internal corrosion. Each of these pumps offer an efficient solution for transporting chemicals and are used for a specific purpose. Regardless of whether they are used in upstream, midstream, or downstream processes, pumps provide the energy for fluids to flow from one place to another. DAE Pumps cont’d from page 15. ZZZ DFNHUGULOO FRP PNYDVV#DFNHUGULOO FRP 16 MAY 2021 WorldWide Drilling Resource ® n Trade Show n Seminars n Awards Luncheon n Continuing Education n Scholarship Auction n Spouse Activities n 9-Pin Bowling n Business Meetings Texas Ground Water Association 2021 Annual Convention August 1-4 San Marcos Conference Center For more information - E-mail : Call: 512-472-7437 Or visit: New Date!