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21 MAY 2021 WorldWide Drilling Resource ® HDD - The Future is Electric! Adapted from Information by Vermeer Corporation Due to growing demand for electric-powered worksite solutions, Vermeer Corporation has acquired electric-powered hor- izontal directional drilling (HDD) and fluid systems technology from Normag. Vermeer now has the rights to develop, manu- facture, and distribute the proven, fully-electric HDD rigs, generator sets, and fluid management systems, which are currently operating across Europe under the Normag brand. Normag electric HDD technology offers a unique integrated electric power system, optimizing efficiency across the gen- erator set, drilling, and fluid management systems during operations. The system can operate as a fuel-free system when connected to the electric grid. To reduce the machine footprint, jobsite, setup time, com- plexity, and cost, all systems have been designed to match standard international ship- ping container dimensions. Vermeer President and CEO Jason Andringa said, “With this technology already proven in operations across Europe, our Vermeer team can now fast-track an electric HDD offering that helps operators better control their cost of operations and worksite impacts through reduced fuel use, near-zero emissions, limited noise, and an overall smaller rig footprint.” Normag, for more than eight years, developed their HDD system technology to help European companies comply with transportation and worksite regulations, while also meeting their goals to lower environmental and worksite impacts. Drill rig and fluid pack- ages have been piloted with customers across Europe for the last several years. Because systems are European-market ready, Vermeer will first focus on introducing the products, sold under the Vermeer brand, to the European customer base. Vermeer’s EMEA (Europe, Middle East, Africa) headquarters in Goes, Netherlands, will house all product development, engineering, marketing, and production for European markets. The first rigs and fluid systems will be in production and ready for distribution in Europe by late 2021. This will likely include a system built around a 132-ton HDD rig, a 660-gallon reclaimer, and a high pressure pump. Additional fluid systems will be offered the first year to establish a range of reclaimers from 198 to 793 gallons per minute of cleaning capacity. After establishing the European market, Vermeer looks to introduce these products in the next two to three years in key global markets where electric systems are desired, including North America and Australia. DIR Service Wire Co.’s twisted THW is the go-to submersible pump cable for everyday applications. This flexible cable easily routes down the well, reducing the risk of conductor damage during installation. Cable features solid or stranded conductors insulated with PVC (Type THW), twisted with a green insulated ground conductor. It is available in two conductor with ground (#14 AWG - #10 AWG) and three conductor with ground (#14 AWG - #2 AWG) in 600-volt copper. Twisted THW is sunlight resistant, gas and oil resistant, and temperature rated at 167ºF (75ºC) wet/dry. Service Wire Co. is a Valued WWDR Advertiser.