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36 MAY 2021 WorldWide Drilling Resource ® Congratulations on Your Retirement, Rich! SIMCO ® Drilling Equipment announced Richard Clarke, director of sales and marketing, will be retiring at the end of May, after 35 years with the company. Upon graduating from Drake University with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration degree in marketing and production management, he spent ten years working for several hydraulic component manufac- turing firms. During this time, he also earned an master of business administration degree from the University of Wisconsin. Prior to joining SIMCO, he was an adjunct faculty member at Iowa State University and Simpson College teaching marketing courses. Over the past decades, Rich became the face of SIMCO at hundreds of trade shows and conferences representing the company’s line of hydraulic drill rigs. These activities allowed him the opportunity to travel extensively throughout the United States, as well as several trips overseas. In addition to his ongoing rig sales and promotion efforts, he had direct involvement in the design and development of the product line. He spent over 11 years serving on various committees and boards of the NGWA (National Ground Water Association). This service culminated in his being elected to serve as chairman of the manufacturers’ division and vice president of the NGWA Executive Board. One highlight of this service was being part of the Iowa Delegation to an NGWA - Washington D.C. Legislation Fly-in, which was instrumen- tal in the final push to obtain the first Federal Tax credit for geothermal heat pump systems. A second highlight was getting to know and work alongside other dedicated NGWA volunteers from the ranks of contractors, scientists, engineers, suppliers, and other manufacturers. It is the people of this industry Rich says he will miss the most. His retirement plans include more golf, more work on the house and garden, less time away from home and his wife of 49 years, more porch parties, and more time behind the wheel of his British sports cars. Throw in a little consulting work and some travel for pleasure and he may want to come back to work to rest. Everyone at SIMCO Drilling Equipment wishes him the very best in his retirement! Publishers Note - WorldWide Drilling Resource, Inc. has enjoyed its relationship with Rich throughout the years and wishes him and his wife the best life has to offer. Robit Vice President of Top Hammer is Excited for the Future Adapted from Information by Robit Plc Jorge Leal began his Robit career in 2011, and he has always worked in sales. Throughout the years there have been rather enriching phases. As an example, back in 2011, the company only had its Finnish premises and the recently acquired South Korean factory, so markets and distribution management was handled from Finland and South Korea. A key milestone was the opening and ramp-up of Robit SAC company in Peru. Throughout this time line, Jorge concentrated on developing the top hammer know-how much more than other product lines, which made it very natural for him to take the top hammer role. According to Jorge, visiting customer operations is key to developing skills. “I would like to encourage everybody - of course safety first, and hopefully this would be soon again possible to do so - to travel to support the distributors and customers on the job- site,” he stated. “When speaking to our customers, productivity is the main key market trend that I would like to highlight in our busi- ness area. More than ever, customers are interested on this topic and how we can help them to improve this. By listening to our cus- tomers and always thinking how we can generate value to them, I am confident that our offering will develop even further to address those needs.” The new Robit Superior Rbit™ button bit series is the latest creation stemming from the company’s efforts to continuously meet customer needs. “We will continue to focus on the develop- ment of our offering, but at the same time, we will emphasize our distribution strategy so that we can secure reliable and solid posi- tion for the coming growing time. Our new sales areas are more focused than ever, so this means that our connection with our distributors and customers will be strengthened and developed,” Jorge explained. MIN Jorge Leal