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42 MAY 2021 WorldWide Drilling Resource ® Strong Dewatering Pumps Hard at Work in Mexico Adapted from Information by Tsurumi Pump Managing water can be one the most challenging aspects of the drilling process in mining. At a plant in the Mexican state of Chihuahua, the mix of exposed rock and water presented an evolving challenge for workers and engineers to contend with. The facility needed a dewatering system capable of mov- ing large amounts of mud, slurry, and gravel continuously, 24 hours a day. The company turned to Tsurumi Pump for assis- tance and, over the past ten years, this alliance has established a reliable and cost-effective dewatering system. Six of the newest additions are high-volume, three-phase dewatering GSZ-150-4 pumps. “Crucial to the mine’s choice of the GSZ pumps was their flow capacity, which is powerful enough for the requirements of its operations,” said Larry De la Torre, president of Clowe & Cowan, a Tsurumi distributor in El Paso, Texas. “Representatives from the mine told us they needed pumps to draw a lot of water quickly, that’s why we rec- ommended such powerful pumps. There are similar pumps from other brands out there, but only Tsurumi combines quality, reliability, and reasonable prices, they said.” In addition to being able to pump 5000 gallons per minute, the pump’s robust design was also a deciding factor. Mines are tough environments; the combi- nation of abrasive elements and heavy machinery can do a lot of damage. “Tsurumi’s products are known for their strength and quality, and that’s exactly what the managers of the Chihuahua mine were looking for,” said Vicente Marín, sales manager at Representaciones Industriales Marin (RIMA), a Tsurumi distributor in Mexico. “With a reputation for great durability, some of its pumps can even be found working today after more than 25 years active service.” Today, the Chihuahua plant has about 80 Tsurumi pumps in operation. MIN