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19 NOVEMBER 2021 WorldWide Drilling Resource® Count to Ten to Save a Life Adapted from Information by Major Drilling Group International Inc. Major Drilling is one of the world’s largest drilling services companies; primarily serving the mining industry and providing a complete suite of drilling services, including surface and underground coring, directional, reverse circulation, sonic, geotechnical, environmental, water well, coalbed methane, shallow gas, underground percussive/longhole drilling, surface drill and blast, and a variety of mine services. The company owns more than 600 rigs with over 2500 employees who excel at specialized drilling. Last year, the company introduced a new Critical Risks Management (CRM) initiative across all branches of its worldwide operations. Because safety is a foundational part of any successful drilling operation, the new initiative is taking prevention strategy to new levels. Part of the foundation for the CRM program is 10 Lifesaving Rules. Every critical risk identified has a set list of critical controls. When employees encounter a critical risk during their shift, they must stop and complete the corresponding critical control checklist. The company’s 10 Lifesaving Rules highlight serious risks and controls allowing employees to prevent serious injuries. These rules are incorporated into the induction training, reinforced with staff on a regular basis, and placed on all jobsites: 1. Watch out for my fellow workers. 2. Wear fall protection while working at heights. 3. Lock out and check for remaining energy before beginning any maintenance or repair. 4. Arrive and remain fit for duty while at work. Avoid impairment from fatigue, alcohol, and/or drugs. 5. Not remove or bypass any guard, safety device, or procedure. 6. Not attempt a task unless I am trained, competent, and authorized. 7. Use the company’s TAKE 5 risk assessment to reduce risk for myself and my team. 8. Wear my seat belt at all times while traveling in vehicles. 9. Keep my hands out of crush points and stay clear of any suspended rods, tools, or leads. 10. Avoid any distractions while driving. When a critical risk such as working at heights creates a fall risk, the CRM program points a worker to the critical control, such as using a safety harness, to mitigate the risk of serious injury on the job. In the illustration, the yellow triangles alert to the risks, which point to the circles in the blue area, advising the mitigation strategies to prevent accidents. Major Drilling reported 7 million lost time incident-free hours, and they credit their safety training and management system for this. As a result, their crews are well-trained, dedicated employees who know safety excellence occurs when every employee understands their right and responsibility to work safely every day. EXB The WWDR office will be closed on November 25th to give our employees time to enjoy their families. Limited staff will be available on November 26th. The staff and management of WWDR wish you a safe and Happy Thanksgiving Weekend.