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28 NOVEMBER 2021 WorldWide Drilling Resource® submitted by Tim Rasmussen The following anonymous letter was sent to us as a thank-you for the well in this village: “In 1997, this community began with the family of Don Nicolas Pun Chub buying the first plot. This is how little by little they were reaching the other families. At that time, there was no water nearby. They began to look for water in caves and mountains, and it was possible to find the vital liquid. They entered the caves more than [about 330 feet] and no permanent waters were found. Years later, they tried to make a well, but they only managed to dig [about 30 feet] and it collapsed. At that time, they were pure mountains, many mosquitoes and diseases because there were no clean waters. They got sick from drinking water from the ponds or pools where the cattle drank. Thank God people had faith that one day they would find water. Previously, the community had the name of Los Aguacatíos. Sometime later, they looked for a more beautiful name that was registered in the municipality as Caserío Flor de la Selva, because there were a variety of wild animals and poisonous snakes. In 2005, they began to seek help in different institutions, such as the municipality from which a school and a road were requested. Unfortunately, our request was not honored and the inhabitants were sad because they needed water. Over time, the community of Flor de la Selva was kept with rainwater in the winter. In the summer, they would go to the streams, to the waterways used by livestock, but they had problems because it was contaminated water. We continued to seek help from the municipality and other institutions, but we did not get any answers. Thank God this year, Father Fabricio told us there was an institution that could help in the drilling of a mechanical well. We got in touch with the institution Agua Para La Vida Internacional (Water For Life International) and thanks to them we got a hope of having clean water in the community. Months later, the mechanical well of Flor de la Selva became a reality. We thank everyone who has taken part in this project, thank God, and thank-you (WFL).” If you would like to help, contact Gary Bartholomew at 208-907-0010 or 509-939-1941 Tim Tim Rasmussen may be contacted via e-mail to WTR Finished project where the people of Flor de la Selva can enjoy fresh, clean water. New & Used Tricones PDCs Drag & Claw Bits Drill Collars Bit Tipping Subs & Stabilizers HDD Bits & Reamers DTH Hammer & Bits Custom Fabrication Junk Mills / Fishing Tools Rod Henderson 661-201-6259 Eran Henderson 661-330-0790