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9 NOVEMBER 2021 WorldWide Drilling Resource® GEFCO Celebrates 90th Birthday In the early 1900s, George E. Failing envisioned a drill rig to replace rigs that were not only cumbersome to erect, but also took at least a week to drill 50 feet. Determined to produce a portable, more efficient rig, Failing turned his vision into reality by mounting a drilling rig on the bed of a 1927 Ford farm truck. Failing’s idea is still the most productive way to drill water wells 90 years later. The George E. Failing Company was founded shortly after the design of the portable drilling rig in 1931, and became a leading manufacturer of water well and shallow oil well drilling rigs and equipment. Over time, and different ownership, The George E. Failing company became known as GEFCO. Today, GEFCO is owned and operated by BAUER Equipment America, and the GEFCO manufacturing facility was moved from its Enid, Oklahoma roots to Conroe, Texas in October 2020. This year, the company is celebrating the long-standing heritage and superior quality of the GEFCO drilling rig. In 90 years, thousands of GEFCO rigs have been delivered to various countries around the world. The GEFCO Team will be celebrating 90 years of excellence at Groundwater Week in Nashville, Tennessee, on December 15th and 16th. Their customers, family members, and friends are encouraged to stop by their booth in exhibit area #501 to help commemorate the company’s enduring success. For a link to this website, visit this page at: George E. Failing’s portable drilling rig. Photos courtesy of the Oklahoma Historical Society. George E. Failing in 1957.