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17 OCTOBER 2021 WorldWide Drilling Resource ® In Memoriam Kenneth J. Constable (1942~2021) With smiles such as these, as long as we keep them close to our hearts and speak of all the good times we had with them while we had them in our lives, they shall live forever. Sadness fell upon me as I read the e-mail from Jennifer letting us know that our dear friend, Ken (and then reading about the loss of Sandra, his wife in 2016, for the first time), the sadness got all the more intense. These people were part of those bright lights I remember so fondly as I traveled to many Canadian Provinces for trade events through the years. This photo taken in 2009, no doubt by me, brings them back to life as I can see them sitting right there in front of me. This is the way I will always remember them smiling . . . and hope you will too. As everyone knew, Ken was a Past President of the Ontario Ground Water Association, having served 1974/1975, a Board Member, and a diligent, happy-go-lucky supporter of the association for many years. Ken was presented with the award of Honorary Member by the association. He left this earth on August 2nd, in his sleep at Southlake Regional Health Center at the age of 82. Ken is survived by his son, Kevin (Nicole), and daughter Kerri; step-father of Terry (Grant) Spurdle and Kevn Hawley. Grandfather of Ryuan, Kurtis, and Max. Brother of Joan (Spencer) Finch, Freda (George) Agar, Dona Irvine, Dale (Jean) Constable, and predeceased by Anne (Garry) Fry. As you look at the photos taken during 2007-2009 below, may you all know our hearts and prayers go out to each family member, friend, and associate of these wonderful people. There were such great games (actually working trials) played at some of the Ontario events and some will no doubt remember how hard Ken worked at winning. Just look at him here. By golly, I think he and his team won! If not, they sure look happy anyway. The management and staff of WorldWide Drilling Resource, Inc. extend their condolences to Ken’s family, friends, and former colleagues. Lest we forget... Deadline Approaching! October 15 th BUYERS MEET SELLERS Reserve your spot now! Call 850-547-0102 or E-mail