WorldWide Drilling Resource

36 OCTOBER 2021 WorldWide Drilling Resource ® target zones in the well, surface casing was set and cemented into place to protect treatable water. A completion rig finished the work, perforated, and tested specific zones. Upon removal of drilling equipment, the single pit was immediately filled, completing initial remediation. The open- hole well logs indicated the company had encountered multiple prospective helium-bearing zones. Using its geologic mod- eling plans for reference, the company was successful in finding additional helium more than 70 miles from the first two wells. In January 2021, Desert Mountain selected well locations for #4 and #5, with both located approximately 30 miles from #1 and #2, and drilled to a depth of about 3900 feet. Expectations were for 8-12 additional wells in the area. Five completed wells, which delineated specific geologic structures meeting minimum requirements for possible com- mercial helium production, were scheduled to be completed early this year. Desert Mountain signed a contract for the engi- neering gas feed study with a company in Denver, Colorado, SIGIT, integrated solutions for the petroleum and energy industry, to design the solar-power-operated helium processing facilities in northeast Arizona. Initial helium production is planned for the fourth quarter of 2021, and the company is well-positioned to produce helium for our high-tech economy. Helium plays a critical role in the manufacture of high-capacity hard drives, barcode readers, computer chips, semiconductors, LCD panels, and fiber-optic cable; as a refrigerant in cryogenics research; and as a coolant for nuclear reactors, MRI machines, and space vehicles. Helipolis continued from page 28