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12 SEPTEMBER 2021 WorldWide Drilling Resource ® Multi-Application uPVC Pipes and Fittings Adapted from Information by Vinyl Pipes Vinyl Pipes, a leading ISO 9001 certified water management, pipe manufacturing brand, takes care of a variety of water management needs. Four generations of a family have worked with a single mission to enable access to water in the remotest and roughest terrains across the globe. Founded by Jaychand Jain and now under the direction of his son Hukum Chand Jain and grandson Vitul Jain, the company demonstrates outstanding competence and extraordinary team spirit. With oper- ational excellence, customer focus, and product differentiation as their core values, the company offers the widest range of uPVC pipes and fittings for dewatering, irrigation, sanitation, housing, and drainage projects. This includes high-quality well casing, pressure, column, and screen pipes with their respective fittings. What sets Vinyl Pipes apart? Product differentiation and quality is reflected in vinyl column pipes equipped with a patent lock. Made with an aerospace engineering plastic grade, this power lock works as a restraining component between pipes and couplings. It keeps the pipes 100% load, leak, and jerk proof, ensuring the pipes are in perfect alignment. Vinyl uPVC pipes contain no metals, making them rust-free and designed to offer minimal friction to water. This results in a lesser load on submersible pumps and saves electricity, yielding cleaner water while increasing output from the well. Their BI axial orientation makes the pipes thicker at the threading end to compensate for material removal due to thread creation, providing much higher strength. All vinyl pipes are put through an annealing process, which uses heat to alter the pipe’s microstructure to strengthen its mechanical properties, adding years to its projected more- than-50-year life. With more than 100 distributors worldwide, Vinyl Pipes has multiple certifications, emphasizing their adherence to quality standards. Lending credibility to their products, the company also uses third-party inspections to ensure consistent quality. Their focus on sustainability is driven by a two-pronged approach: the green cycle and blue cycle. While the green cycle method revolves around the recycling of polymers, the blue cycle is focused on the judicious reuse of water. Through constant innovations, creativity, and diverse processes, Vinyl Pipes uses recyclable polymers for the complete water cycle, delivering an environmentally-friendly result. With stringent controls beginning with the procurement of raw materials to the manufactur- ing process, Vinyl Pipes ensures high-quality, cost-effective solutions for water piping. WTR