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23 SEPTEMBER 2021 WorldWide Drilling Resource ® Pitless Units Provide Advantages Adapted from Information by Baski, Inc. To improve sanitation, as well as adding convenience, frost protection, and vandalism secu- rity, a pitless unit replacing aboveground well housing and well pits is a good choice. The pitless unit is welded to the well casing underground, safely redirecting water below the frost line. Providing well completions occupying little room in highly populated areas, when combined with a submersible pump, it is virtually noiseless. For an attractive completion in parks and ease- ments, decorative rocks can cover the top of the pitless. The patented Baski Pitless is a rugged spool-type unit designed for quick delivery, ease of installation, convenience in setting and pulling pumps, and long trouble-free operation. Extra heavy duty construction is specifically designed for deep sets below 500 feet, where the drop pipe must be high-strength casing or tubing. The upper casing barrel is made from a minimum ⅜-inch-thick steel, welded onto the heavy wall housing made of ½ -1½-inch-thick steel. Stainless steel O-ring sealing surfaces in the housing ensure a long-life, leak-proof seal. Two one-inch locking bolts provide for padlocked security of the well cap. Casing sizes range from 8-24 inches, or larger if needed. Standard features of the Baski Pitless include: n Watertight cap with screened vent and locking bolts n Large electrical junction box for convenient setting and pulling of pumps n Rounded corner on flanged top to prevent wire damage during installation n Air line test block for well monitoring access n Extra heavy duty construction of the casing barrel, wall housing, wall spool pipe, and flanges n Durable potable epoxy coating for all wetted parts n Black outside epoxy coating n Type 304 stainless steel seating rings opposite the spool O-rings n Steel spool with large access holes and centering blocks n Discharge from 2 to 16 inch n Available in all casing sizes, including line pipe and oilfield casing sizes, from 8 to 30 inch and larger n Column pipe from 3 to 16 inch with NPT, oilfield casing (APE), or BSPT threads Options for the Baski Pitless include: n All wetted parts made of stainless steel n Restraining tabs (“ears”) n Sealed spool passages; stainless steel nipples with wire seals pass through both spool plates providing access to well n Torque arrestor: for shallow applications where pump torque may cause the pump and spool to rotate within the well n Lift-out pipe/bail, facilitating setting of the pump n Hydrant sampling port fitted to the top plate of the adapter spool to collect water samples n Check valves in spool replacing the two discharge openings in the spool (not recommended for submersible pumps) n Other outside coating colors n Quick connect attachment to well casing n Can be used as a booster pump station n Can be used for lake/reservoir diversion WTR our piling p oducts. (w which by the Finnish Trans sets and ring bits. Th pa ty lab to validate t were done together E tensive load tests, end up with the ound bit set for drilled pile a sa e oundation to s In our ast growing w f f f f x r w r guarantees the reliability of po t Infrastructure Agency e tests have been approved he load capacity of our ring with an independent third- calculations, and simulations ation that can take the load. s, you can eel sa e and will tand on! With erraRoc ring orld, it is impo tant you have r T f f r Why did the man name his dogs Rolex and Timex? Because they were watch dogs. What's the difference between a hippo and a Zippo? One is really heavy, the other's a little lighter. Want to hear a construction joke? Never mind, I’m still working on it. There is always time to make you smile!