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37 SEPTEMBER 2021 4XDOLW\ ZHOO VFUHHQ DQG VDPSOLQJ HTXLSPHQW IURP WKH OHDGLQJ PDQXIDFWXUHU RI JURXQGZDWHU PRQLWRULQJ SURGXFWV VLQFH Fabritek Company / Winchester Tool offers a line of Cable Tool Bits which includes: ; Supreme - Most common all-around bit for most any formation from granite and basalt to limestone, hard sandstone, and dolomite. ; Drop Center - Designed for unconsolidated formations, this bit features a full gauge and concave face allowing cuttings to escape faster to provide a higher unit load on impact, which helps keep the bit centered for a straighter hole. ; Soft Rock - This bit features a concave face and extra channels to blast away shale, slate, clay, sandstone, and medium limestone for aggressive soft rock drilling. ; Z - Z bits are designed for gravel and sandy rock formations. The leading edge creates a scooping action while the reduced shoulder area allows gravel to fall easily past the bit to reduce the possibility of being wedged against the casing. ; Eccentric - The head is offset from the centerline by a half-inch, for overdrilling by approximately one inch in one full rotation. This allows the bit to fit through a standard cas- ing while drilling an oversized hole. They can be very effective when setting casing into rock or through boulders. Fabritek Company / Winchester Tool is a Valued WWDR Advertiser.