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" " " " " " " 20 AUGUST 2022 WorldWide Drilling Resource® The “Idiots” Corner by “Billy Bob Smith” Over the years, I have observed the behaviors of people trying to figure out who has it “together” and who are the people who just don’t “get it.” What I have come to is basically two groups - idiots and non-idiots. So what are the qualifications or traits that determine which group a person is in? Well, I need to be careful here because everyone reading this is in one of the groups and if you end up in the “idiots” group I might lose a reader forever and I don’t want that to happen. So first, do you agree to not get upset if you have more idiot traits than non-idiot traits? If so, read on. The following traits do not represent all of the ones each group have, but what I feel are some of the most common ones. Also, I have not put them in any order - that’s up to you. Okay, a few common traits of idiots. They: Tend to be perfectionists. Are control freaks. Talk too much. Don’t listen to others. Think they know it all. Have huge egos. Have poor health habits. Have poor nutrition habits. Spend more money than they have. Always blame others and never take responsibility. Stopped learning new things when they graduated high school. Think they are smarter than everyone else. And, if they fall into the idiots group, they stopped reading this stuff at number three. Now, some common traits of non-idiots. They: Are open to new ideas and solutions. Don’t judge others. Are optimistic. Tend to be giving and compassionate. Are willing to change. Find this article interesting. Are more fun to be around. Tend to be playful. Work hard. Tend to be loyal. Usually function with common sense and discernment. So, which group do you think you are in? Not sure? Why not ask a few people who know you well for their response? I’m sorry, if you are in the idiots group, this is not something you would probably do. Okay, so a different question - do you have anyone in your life; a boss, employee, spouse, child, neighbor, customer, friend, supplier, or vendor in a different group than you are in? How is that working for you? Enjoy the rest of summer and laugh a lot - you will live longer if you do! Billy Bob Contact him via e-mail to