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16 DECEMBER 2022 WorldWide Drilling Resource® Tunnel Boring Machine Market Set for Accelerated Growth Adapted from Information by Straits Research Tunnel Boring Machines (TBMs) drill tunnels through various rocks and soils, and are primarily used to excavate mines and tunnels. An increase in railway and highway infrastructure projects is expected to accelerate expansion of the global TBM market. These machines are also being used for more water supply and disposal, gas and oil pipelines, and hydropower projects, leading to further predictions for growth. TBMs have decreased operational time necessary for construction activities relative to other traditional technologies, increasing their popularity. In addition, higher spending on road infrastructure and railway projects is projected to propel the global TBM market. TBMs are increasingly needed for underground mining operations due to the reduction of surface deposits globally, along with an increased awareness of environmental impacts. TBM industry players have an excellent opportunity to increase their market presence in the mining sector by developing technologically advanced, high-quality products. New developments are expected to make tunnel boring in mining operations easier and more convenient. Technological advances in tunnel boring machines will drive market expansion in the coming years with automation promoting productivity, enhancing safety, optimizing resource utilization, and reducing labor expenses. Due to rising population, fast urbanization, and strong economic growth, several Asia-Pacific countries are launching measures to support large-scale tunnelling projects for railways and highways in the region. Such factors will drive the TBM market forward. Furthermore, many ongoing metro project developments in India are expected to boost demand for TBMs in the near future. Several manufacturers in the Asia-Pacific area are concentrating on developing advanced TBMs to enhance the region’s market growth. Due to Europe’s economic growth and considerable infrastructure investment, various prominent enterprises are producing TBMs for safe and efficient operations. The Eastern European market is expanding due to increased road infrastructure and railway pipeline projects, with countries like Bulgaria, Poland, and others projected to improve transportation infrastructure spending, further increasing the demand for TBMs. The TBM market is also expected to grow in North America due to an increase in large-scale infrastructure projects. For example, in June 2017, the Indiana government authority began building a roughly five-mile tunnel to prevent wastewater from overflowing into local waterways. This tunnel was constructed to convey sewage from the sewer system to the sewage treatment plant. There are many more active tunnel projects in the United States to construct highways, railways, and water management systems. The global TBM market was worth an estimated $5.9 billion in 2021, and is projected to reach $10.3 billion by 2030. New & Used Tricones PDCs Drag & Claw Bits Drill Collars Bit Tipping Subs & Stabilizers HDD Bits & Reamers DTH Hammer & Bits Custom Fabrication Junk Mills / Fishing Tools Rod Henderson 661-201-6259 Eran Henderson 661-330-0790 Groundwater Week Booth 574 The WWDR / DBGD offices will be closed December 23rd , 26th, and 30th for the holidays. WE WISH YOU A MERRYY CHRISTMAS! C&G