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17 DECEMBER 2022 WorldWide Drilling Resource® Words from the mouth of Rick Hutchings - “A special thanks to my wife Cathy, and our daughters Alicia and Jennifer, I dedicate this award to you . . .” Special people are so humble and appreciate the world around them; especially their family. Rick called the WWDR Office after he received his award for the many years he has devoted to the National Drilling Association - not to be sure his photo was in this magazine, but rather to be sure he had a way of letting the world and his wife and daughters know just how much he loved and appreciated them for the many hours they had to take care of things while he was gone. Words cannot express how heartwarming it was to hear him on the phone that day - his pride was indeed beaming through the phone. Not many go that far to let those who stood by them know just how much that means - albeit from a distance while he was traveling. Most will stand on the podium and say somethng like . . . “and to my family . . .” or words to that effect. As always, Rick went that extra mile! So yes Rick, we are honored to be asked to provide WorldWide Drilling Resource® and its reach to let the world know what kept you going all those years. Our sincere Congratulations to Cathy, Alicia, and Jennifer, for having such a wonderful man in your lives and for sharing him with the drilling industry all these years. Rick, you have been, and always will be a special friend to Wo r ldWi de Dr i l l i ng Re sour c e® and this WWWWDDRR Team. We know you aren’t really retiring, because you won’t succeed playing golf or fishing for the rest of your life. You are far too smart for that. So stay in touch, and your copy of WorldWide is coming your way, as requested. Check your mailbox. Cathy and Rick Hutchings proudly celebrating the moment at NDA when he received the Golden Driller Award. Meanwhile, Rick was also the winner of the Honda 4-wheeler and enjoyed time with friends. We hope to see you . . . on the trail . . . HAIR ROOTS Yes, they are a small root, so tiny they can enter a wet spot on a sewer pipe, and in a matter of time, form a root ball inside the well to block the flow of sewage. These hair roots also form hair mats which will underlay and surround sewage systems and drain fields. These hair mats (nature’s filters) can be over a foot in thickness and will break down solids completely, to provide nutrients for plant life above. Just a little something to ease your thoughts ~ or call the plumber. C. Miller New Mexico