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46 DECEMBER 2022 WorldWide Drilling Resource® allowed. The truck would be weighed at an official scale and there would be steep charges for an overweight container. Finally, it was all loaded and the container sealed. Oh, I forgot to tell you about the fees. Previously, we usually paid about $5000-$6000 to ship the container from Seattle to Puerto Barrios in Guatemala, but this time the price quoted was about $11,000. The shipper suggested it might be better to send the container by rail to Norfolk, Virginia, and then down the Atlantic to Guatemala, but when it got right down to it, there was not much difference in price or the time it took for a shipment to make the journey. So here we are. The container is onboard the MSC ship YASHI B and left Seattle at 4 a.m. on the morning of the 10th of October. The ship is headed for Oakland and expected to get there on October 12, at about 10 p.m. It is unknown how long the ship will be in Oakland. From there, the ship will head south, hopefully avoiding the national bottleneck of the Port of Long Beach. We will see what happens. With the Good Lord watching over our container, full of the donations of many loyal supporters and carrying the promise of clean, safe water to so many hundreds of people living in remote villages, we have confidence it will get there intact sooner or later, and we will have the funds necessary to pay the customs duty into Guatemala. We go forward even if we don’t know exactly how Providence will work things out. Thank you for your support. If you would like to help, contact Gary Bartholomew at 509-939-1941 Tim Tim Rasmussen may be contacted via e-mail to michele@ Rasmussen Cont’d from page 44. Groundwater Week Booth 653