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29 FEBRUARY 2022 WorldWide Drilling Resource® Safety and Protection by Ronald B. Peterson Drilling Products Specialist, Mountainland Supply Company Safety is not an option. IT NEEDS TO BE A LIFESTYLE! Situations that can be truly called accidents are very rare. They are usually the result of someone not paying attention, or forgetting, and/or overlooking a key part of a situation. Safety incidents almost always inadvertently involve other innocent people, whether directly or indirectly. Safety incidents also almost always cost significant amounts of money, time, and anguish. I saw a post the other day that said: “The most important thing to come out of a mine is the miner.” I believe this to be true no matter what your job is; and it does not happen without a high level of commitment; as well as a lot of planning, training, and attention to detail, by everyone involved. If safety is to be truly effective, it has to become a lifestyle. If we take intentional risks in our private lives, we will (whether intentionally or inadvertently) take risks in our professional lives as well. We need to live in such a way that safety is a natural and habitual focus in our lives. Safety is the number one priority. Every job or project has potential risks and hazards. Training reinforces and helps us to behave safely, but it needs to be an integral part of our daily lives. g Every product has a Safety Data Sheet (SDS) or Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS). These provide valuable information regarding product safety, potential hazards, and emergency contacts. Have them available, and consult them so you understand the appropriate steps to ensure safe usage, storage, and transportation of all materials. g They also tell you what Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is necessary. Make sure they are readily available for everyone involved, and that everyone has the appropriate training. It is not enough to have PPE on-site. You must use PPE for it to be effective. g If there is any doubt, always PLAY IT SAFE!!! g Make sure you know what is expected of you, and that you understand the job objectives and procedures. g Always confirm the job objectives and procedures with the customer and anyone else involved. g Make sure you have the correct equipment and tools, that you are familiar with them and confident they will work as expected. g Make sure everyone involved understands the customer’s expectations. g Make sure everyone involved has proper and sufficient training in their individual job responsibilities. g Know when and who to call for help; have their phone numbers ready and available. g If you are unsure of any aspect of the job, ask and confirm the proper action. g Don’t forget, there are people who depend on your presence and involvement in their lives; do everything you can to provide that and not let them down. I hope you found this information useful. Please remember, I would like this to be our column. I need your input to make it so; otherwise, it becomes my column. If you have any questions about this topic or if you have another topic you would like me to address, please contact Michele (below) and she will let me know. If I don’t know the answer, I will find someone who does and is willing to share. We work in an amazing industry and have a tremendous resource base to pull from. Ron Ron Peterson may be contacted via e-mail to WTR 302-684-3197 FAX: 302-384-0643 142 Broadkill Rd. • Milton, DE 19968 email: Manufacturers of Slotted & Perforated Pipe ranging from ½” to 24” diameter Atlantic Screen & Mfg., Inc. • Well Rehab. Products • Manholes • Bentonite • Filter Sock • Inline Chemical Mixers • Sampling Bailers • Clear PVC Pipe • Locking Caps