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32 JANUARY 2022 WorldWide Drilling Resource® Enhanced Power for Surface Blasting Compiled by the Editorial Staff of WorldWide Drilling Resource® AECI Mining is a world leader in the manufacture and supply of explosives, initiating systems, and blasting services for mining, quarrying, and construction. After extensive research and development, the company has launched a significantly enhanced version of its bulk emulsion explosives. Powergel X2 can be used in surface mining applications where extreme blasting conditions, such as hot holes or reactive ground conditions, or a combination of both conditions, exist. Ritzema Nel, product manager for AECI Mining Explosives said, “Powergel X2 is a revolutionary breakthrough.” Nel added, most other products available in the market are designed for either hot holes or reactive ground, but not both. It was developed and tested by AECI Mining’s Research and Development department as an emulsion explosive employing some very clever chemistry. One of the key benefits is the elimination of the need to install plastic sleeving in reactive holes, saving time and expense. The emulsion is water resistant and can also be doped with technical grade ammonium nitrate to achieve certain required blast outcomes. It has excellent fume characteristics, which means there is a smaller amount of undesirable noxious gases produced during detonation. Franky Botha, product portfolio manager for explosives said, “Powergel X2 provides far-reaching benefits and reduced risk while simultaneously negating the need for high levels of inventory.” To prove the concept, the product has already been tested by exposing it to extreme external temperatures at Alkantpan in the Northern Cape, South Africa. Reported results indicate it fared exceptionally well in all the tests conducted, and in velocity of detonation (VOD) tests, the product performed beyond expectations. Botha said Powergel X2, with its heat resistance capabilities, will provide a significant advantage to clients in the coal sector, giving them a single solution for extreme ground conditions. “Its inhibitive qualities against reactive ground may certainly lead to possibilities of it being used in other sectors too,” he concluded. Photo courtesy of AECI Mining. EXB Phone: 845-278-1892 E-mail: Contact: ____________________________________________________________ Address: ____________________________________________________________ State/Zip Code: ______________________________________________________ Phone & Fax : _______________________________________________________ E-mail: ______________________________________________________________ Preregistration - $20 per person Onsite Registration - $25 Spouse & Children under 16 years - FREE Registrant(s) Names: ________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________ Credit Card Type ________________________ Expiration Date _ _ / _ _ Credit Card # ____________________________________________________________ Complete this form and fax to: (845) 278-1899 or mail to: NEWWA c/o Markets Beyond, Inc. 7 Bailey Lane, Brewster NY 10509 Preregistration NEWWA New England Water Well Assoc. Expo March 11-12, 2022 Best Western - Marlborough, Massachusetts Preregistration Deadline: March 1, 2022