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January 28-30, 2020 Fort Worth, TX UCT is the business event for everyone involved in maintaining the underground utility pipe infra- structure. The education program incorporates trenchless and traditional (open-cut) technologies. Sessions are taught by industry experts. • Immersive Learning • Earn Credit • Young Professionals Program • Topgolf Social • HDD Reunion • ...and more! For details, visit and register today! 26 JANUARY 2020 WorldWide Drilling Resource ® Designed and Built for Resilience Compiled by Editorial Staff, WorldWide Drilling Resource ® The Willamette Water Supply System (WWSS) was created in response to planned growth in service areas in Washington County, Oregon, to provide an additional, resilient water supply. The WWSS Commission intergovernmental entity was formed by Tualatin Valley Water District, and the cities of Hillsboro, Beaverton, and Wilsonville. When complete, the WWSS will be one of Oregon’s most seismically resistant water systems - built to better withstand natural disasters, protect public health, and speed regional economic recovery through restoring critical services more quickly. The new water main will be placed under the Willamette River using horizontal directional drilling (HDD). The drill rig will be stationed and operate on the west side of the river, while the pipe lay down and pullback phases will be located on the eastside. The Willamette River, one of Oregon’s largest rivers, is also the WWSS’s new supply source. The raw water intake is located at the Willamette River Water Treatment Plant in Wilsonville. From there, raw water will be pumped to the WWSS Water Treatment Plant, a new state-of-the-art water filtration plant where multiple treatment processes will produce high-quality drinking water. The drinking water will be pumped to reservoir facilities on Cooper Mountain, then gravity-fed to additional storage and customers in the service areas. The entire new pipeline will be about 30 miles long. Construction is underway, and by close coordination with local jurisdictions, installation of the pipeline at the same time as road projects will lessen traffic and impacts, plus reduce proj- ect costs. Survey and geotechnical drilling crews will be working in Wilsonville’s Willamette River Water Treatment Plant Park. The award-winning park was built in conjunction with the city’s water treatment plant through a community design process, and includes opportunities for education and interpretation. The park will remain open, so visitors may notice drill rigs on the grounds, in the parking area, and along segments of the Ice Age Tonquin Trail. The Beaverton area should see construction in 2021, with the entire system complete by 2026. DIR The Willamette River Water Treatment Plant Park is nearly ten acres. Photo courtesy of Wilsonville Parks & Recreation. Existing crossings are susceptible to an earthquake. The new pipe will be below the liquefication zone. Diagram courtesy of the city of Portland.