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WorldWide Drilling Resource ® is proud to be a member of these associations. Alberta Water Well Drilling Association Tel: 780-386-2335 Arizona Water Well Association Black Hills Chapter of the ISEE President: Erik Carlson British Columbia Ground Water Assn. Tel: 604-530-8934 California Groundwater Association Tel: 916-231-2134 Fax: 614-898-7791 Concrete Sawing & Drilling Association Tel: 727-577-5004 Empire State Water Well Drillers Assn. Tel: 315-339-8960 Fax: 315-339-8960 Florida Ground Water Association 850-205-5641 Fax: 850-222-3019 Indiana Ground Water Assn. Tel: 888-443-7330 Fax: 765-231-4430 Iowa Geothermal Association Tel: 515-224-6469 Kentucky Groundwater Association Tel: 606-523-1215 Fax: 866-896-0184 Louisiana Ground Water Association Tel: 225-744-4554 Michigan Ground Water Association Tel: 855-225-6492 Fax: 614-898-7786 Minnesota Water Well Association Tel: 800-332-2104 Missouri Water Well Association Tel: 314-974-6992 Montana Water Well Drillers Association Tel: 406-686-3168 National Drilling Association Tel: 877-632-4748 Fax: 216-803-9900 National Ground Water Association Tel: 800-551-7379 Fax: 614-898-7786 Nebraska Well Driller Association Tel: 402-476-0162 New Jersey Ground Water Association North Carolina Ground Water Assn. Tel: 919-876-0687 North Dakota Well Drillers Association Tel: 701-567-4126 Northern Plains Chapter of the ISEE President: Billy Obermire Tel: 307-689-0050 Ohio Water Well Association, Inc. Tel: 937-278-0308 Fax: 937-278-0317 Oklahoma Ground Water Association Tel: 405-209-6482 Ontario Groundwater Association Tel: 519-245-7194 Fax: 519-245-7196 Pennsylvania Ground Water Association Tel: 814-553-3883 Shallow Exploration Drillers Clinic Tel: 402-472-7550 South Atlantic Well Drillers “JUBILEE” Tel: 855-987-7469 Fax: 850-222-3019 South Carolina Ground Water Association Tel: 803-356-6809 Fax: 803-356-6826 South Dakota Well Drillers Association Tel: 605-734-6631 Southwest Mississippi Community College Well Construction Technology Tel: 601-276-3738 Tennessee Water Well Association Tel: 865-761-4363 Texas Alliance of Energy Producers Tel: 940-723-4131 Fax: 940-723-4132 Texas Ground Water Association Tel: 512-472-7437 Fax: 512-472-0537 Utah Ground Water Association Tel: 801-541-7259 Vermont Ground Water Association Ken White, President: 802-738-8400 Margaret Laggis, Executive Secretary Virginia Water Well Association Tel: 804-387-8395 Fax: 804-302-7978 We’re Here for YOU! Let the WWDR Team work for you. Our Public Relations Professionals can help you spread the word about your company, products, and services. From ad preparation to press release coverage, we’ve got the tools to get your company noticed. Contact us today: 850-547-0102 27 WorldWide Drilling Resource ® JANUARY 2020