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Nidec’s All-In-One Drive Solution Adapted from Information by Nidec Corporation Nidec Motor Corporation, seeing the demand for pump systems that are smaller, more compact, easier to transport, simpler to install, and quicker to integrate into existing supervisory systems, developed the new ID300 Fusion Integrated Motor Drive. No more costly drive cabinets, long shielded variable frequency drive (VFD) power cables, and motor protection filters are needed. The ID300 Fusion is an integrated high-performance drive solution for pumps requiring variable speed of one to ten horsepower (HP) drivers. All the functions of a variable speed drive are incorporated into the pump motor. Simply wire up the motor, connect the communication cables and sensors, and configure the ID300 for your application. ID Fusion drives connect through four cable glands mounted on the side of the drive. An added bonus is the ID300’s easily programmable integrated motor and drive, which can specifically respond to pressure and flow sensors, external control signals, and turn on/off external relays as desired. Offering several options for network communications, the system includes industrial Ethernet for remote monitoring, as well as multiple fieldbus protocols for communicating to industrial controllers within a plant. It is available in three ranges: single-phase at 200/230 volts AC power for two HP operation, three-phase at 200/230 volts AC power for five HP operation, and three-phase at 380/480 volts AC power for ten HP operation. The system’s integrated motor drive has an onboard Programmable Logic Controller (PLC), modular component designed to automate customized control processes. This allows real-time tasking to reduce the need to add additional costly PLCs. An onboard pump program also regulates the pressure (constant pressure and variable flow) so when programmed, the ID300 PLC can perform sensorless and constant pressure control, eliminating sensor cost and simplifying installation. Supported by a powerful suite of development tools, the ID300 Fusion is backed by experienced applications engineers from Nidec’s Motor Technical Center. 31 MAY 2021 WorldWide Drilling Resource® New, Completely Redesigned, Multipurpose Rig FRASTE has brought its new, remodeled MITO 70 multipurpose rig to market. It has been completely redesigned with a 275 horsepower engine; automatic 7+7 rods and casing carousel; and fully remote controlled. The MITO 70 with its traversing mechanism is great for civil engineering, micropiles, anchoring, jet grouting, consolidations, and more. This versatile drilling rig offers a new innovative design and the special FRASTE articulation system. Additional features include: high-tech components and hydraulic system; powerful engine; and wide range of equipment; as well as optional rotary heads for different drilling scopes, hydraulic hammers, double head systems, water/mud pumps, drill pipes/casing loading systems, and radio control system to operate in any type of ground both with rotation and a roto-percussion system. Breaking News WTR