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32 MAY 2021 WorldWide Drilling Resource ® In Memoriam Susie Powell Givens (1952~2021) “Today we lay Susie to rest March 18, 2021, in a private ceremony.” As I sit here, trying my best to give the best farewell I can to a very dear special friend, all I can do is remember seeing her smiling face across the rooms at trade events we both frequented for the past 25 years. It is hard to believe Susie is no longer with us, hav- ing left this earth on March 13, 2021, from a tragic fire at her home. She was the founder, owner, and CEO of Givens International Drilling Supplies, Inc., Corydon, KY, shipping worldwide to some 60 countries; in addition, she was a member of the Kentucky Groundwater Association, Missouri Water Well Association, Tennessee Water Well Association, and Kentucky Export Council. Susie was awarded the 2003 World Trade Success Award from the Kentucky World Trade Center. Yes, she was, as she should be, proud to be a Certified Woman-Owned Small Business, serving on numerous industry and local boards including National Ground Water Association ~ really surprising is Susie was a Kentucky Colonel. Not many can claim that fame - but she did and rightly deserved. She loved Little Dixie United Methodist Church, and despite declining physical health, if there was no one to play the organ, you guessed it, Susie got up and handled that with her always smiling face. Susie had that natural way of making everyone feel like family and got to be known as “Mama Suz” and keeping her most important family; her husband, children, and grandchildren close to her heart. Special thoughts and prayers were shared on social media and the one that struck me was shared by Laurie Gudgell Schneider: “I can hear Susie saying, ‘Wash your face, let’s go, we have work to do’. We had such a special relationship . . . We complemented each other at work so well even though we are quite different. We could do anything as a team. She was such a good leader, a wonderful boss, always thanking me for everything I did. She would always tell people ‘coming to work without Laurie here is like someone has let all the air out of my basketball’.” Laurie went on to say, “I have no air for the basketball today, I can’t even breathe. My heart is shattered.” Some other comments were, “Susie Givens was a magnificent woman . . She grew up a field away . . . She was, in the true sense of the word a servant of God . . . She was empowered to do wonderful things . . . She was the best of the best . . . She had a sixth sense about people’s struggles. She knew when you needed help. She would call . . . She will be missed deeply. It is a loss we will not be able to replace.” Susie was preceded in death by her husband of 42 years, Dorris Edward Givens (who worked with her in the transportation of products); her parents Schuyler Randolph “Randy” Powell and Freeda Ashby Powell. She is survived by her two daughters, Dawn Caton (Roger) and Randa Gary (Bill); her sister Bonnie Powell Baggerly (Hal); grandchildren Aaron Edward Caton, Mason Sidney Lee Caton, William Isaac Gary, and Isabelle Pennington Ann Gary; nieces and nephews; as well as many cousins. As I spoke with Randa, she told me both she and her sister Dawn will be owners and will be continuing Givens International Drilling Supplies, Inc. in the same spirit and energetic manner as their parents and the drilling industry. The family has always done work behind-the-scenes, so they will continue to do that kind of thing. She said, although they will not be in the office on a daily basis, those who worked side-by-side with Susie and Dorris have their full sup- port. I remember one other thing, which happened at a Texas Ground Water Association Show, when she was sitting at her booth and me with camera in hand. I asked her what she was going to do with her company when she was ready to retire. Took her by surprise and she said she didn’t really know. I told her I was wondering about what to do with WWDR . No one knew, since 2003, Susie was a shareholder in WorldWide Drilling Resource, Inc. , which made even more of a very special bond between us. She made her decision, and a very smart one indeed. I’m very proud of her family, and send love and support from the WWDR Team. I know this is not your normal obituary, but remembering a dear friend shouldn’t be normal at all. May God Bless and keep her safe in the arms of Dorris. ~ Ronnie Lest we forget... The management and staff of WorldWide Drilling Resource, Inc. extend their condolences to Susie’s family, friends, and former colleagues. She asked that I convey to everyone, Givens International Drilling Supplies, Inc. , is open for business.