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47 MAY 2021 WorldWide Drilling Resource ® The “Idiots” Corner by “Billy Bob Smith” Ever had to sit on an airplane, bus, or train next to an idiot? Ever sat in a restaurant and had to listen to idiots? Ever lived next door to an idiot? Or, have you ever worked with an idiot? I thought I would keep things simple - guessing you have better things to do than read about my idiot stuff. So here goes . . . I’m calling it “Life’s Simple Truths” - and what are life’s simple truths? Simple ideas that make sense and don’t need a lot of explanation, evidence, truth, or opinions, just real stuff all of us can grasp. So here goes: . I’ve said this before, if you tailgate someone at 70 miles per hour ~ don’t be surprised if at some point you are in an accident. . If you eat a lot of crap for 20 years and are 50 pounds overweight ~ don’t be surprised if you end up with heart disease or something similar. . If you drink three or four bottles of beer or glasses of whiskey every day ~ don’t be surprised if at some point you have liver problems. . If you treat your spouse, employees, or kids with disrespect for years ~ don’t be surprised if they walk away from the relationship. . If someone does something special for you on a routine basis for weeks, months, or even years and you never say thank-you ~ don’t be surprised if they stop giving to you and start giving to someone else. Want some more examples of life’s simple stuff, or have you had enough? Okay, just a few more for those of you who don’t get it yet. . If you keep interrupting others while they are talking ~ don’t be surprised if they stop talking to you. . If you don’t keep improving your skills or staying relevant with the skills necessary for success in your career or job ~ don’t be surprised if you fall behind and even get fired. . If you tell lots of little fibs, white lies, half-truths, or lies to the same people ~ don’t be surprised if they stop believing whatever you say. . If you treat a customer as if they are just about the money ~ don’t be surprised if they go to a competitor or a different supplier. . And finally, if you are lazy ~ (I’m going to let you answer this one.) So, let me ask you again - ever had to sit next to an idiot on a plane, bus, or train . . . or . . . are you the idiot I have to sit next to? Billy Bob Contact him via e-mail to