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25 OCTOBER 2021 WorldWide Drilling Resource ® s Positive Results WorldWide Drilling Resource ® this poses problems for pipe rehabilitation or replacement. When rigid pipe can’t pass through a deformed pipe, a different kind of pipes, the contortionist of PVC-Alloy technology, Thermoform liners are significantly more flexible and ductile than standard PVC pipe. een - reducing the risk of cracking. with a lower and more consistent glassing state, ensuring a new and stable memory is formed when the liner is shaped tight to the H” shape and wrapped onto a transportation coil, ready for delivery to the jobsite. h the host pipe. After the material has been inserted, it is heated again with steam and pressurized, causing it to expand and form a steam to penetrate the material quickly, resulting in greater diameters of pipe being processed at lower pressure, expanding further r such heating-cooling cycles to get a tight fit. If the installation isn’t quite right, a crew can reheat the liner and fix an error while the freedom to make adjustments without risk. thin a pipe. It requires no chemicals and produces no emissions or gases during installation, making it further environmentally friendly. ng, 24-inch-diameter storm sewer culvert. Buried in the middle of a freeway median, the culvert was accessible only by two manholes, ht schedule with only ten hours to complete the job before a closed lane of traffic was scheduled to reopen. Mark Philpott, co-owner ght and finished the job. You can’t do that with a felt liner. When you run out of time with a felt liner, you’ve got a problem.” ther methods of trenchless repair. This sturdy, reliable, and cost-effective rehabilitation solution preserves and maintains an existing DIR