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31 SEPTEMBER 2021 WorldWide Drilling Resource ® Better Drilling & Blasting Operations Adapted from Information by Minnovare and Paraplug ® Better and safer blasting results are the goals of any drilling and blasting operation. Manufacturers are busy working on improving blasthole results with technology and tools to simplify the work. Minnovare’s Production Optimiser™ is a revolutionary hardware/software system for underground mines. Substantially reducing blasthole drilling deviation, the system improves overall fragmentation and ore recovery. Production Optimiser’s hardware engages with Minnovare’s online client interface, Minnovare CORE, utilizing digital drill plans to sync seamlessly with planning software. Digital drill plans are “pushed” down from engineering and mine planning to the indi- vidual drill teams, accessible via the Minnovare CORE mobile app. From with- in the app, the operator can recall and carry out the daily drill plan. Ground conditions and other information relevant to the charge plan are entered as comments. Operators can access real-time drilling information and recall this later for th e blasthole sequence. The resulting benefits are significan t improvements in drill and blast efficiency , productivity, and responsiveness. Setu p accuracy at the collar, the primary caus e of deviation, is improved by up to 60% . Accuracy at the toe/breakthrough improve s by up to 100%. It can be installed on an y production rig make or model and inte - grates seamlessly, independent of exist - ing rig-stabilizing alignment systems. B y auto-calculating the optimum boom “dip ” and “dump” angle, it reduces averag e deviation. Another blasthole innovation is th e Paraplug ® , a cone-shaped drill hole blas t plug ideal for creating air decks at an y depth of the explosives column. A self - supported design allows it to be place d with great accuracy in any rock type an d borehole condition. Versatility and sim - plicity are features of the plugs, with quic k deployment being around 20 seconds. I t is easily installed without tools or pole s and recoverable in case of incorrect posi - tioning. The air deck allows for bette r distribution of the energy released by th e detonation, so it yields a greater propor - tion of rock fragmentation. Its cone shap e creates a wedge, guiding more of th e blasting energy into the rock rather tha n upward out of the drill hole. Ultimately, th e Paraplug ® results in lower explosives con - sumption, improved fragmentation, safe r blasting due to decreased flyrock, an d reduced noise and vibration levels. Minnovare Production Optimiser™. EXB Ronnie, I’ve enjoyed reading this magazine over the years, but I am no longer in this field. Thanks again for the insightful magazine. Tom Boyle